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  1. On 15.10.2017 at 6:51 PM, LionHeart said:

    Avril said it clear back in the day,  "she is doing her thing, i´m doing mine", "i don't disrespectany other artist. also she said "i'm not the anti britney":



    On 15.10.2017 at 8:06 PM, Brichney. said:

    I feel like she's a huge fan of Brit but her label wanted to market her as the "anti-Britney" so she was just doing as she was told. 

    And that's the tea :truthtea:

  2. 1 minute ago, Diamond Horse said:

    Was it all during the years she shaded Britney? (Enlighten me brethren and sistren)

    She always liked Britney. I think it had something to do with her image back then (her being sold as the "Anti-Britney"). Through the years she said nice things about her like prefering her over X-Tina, went to her Vegas show and loved Blackout. 

    Her label probably wanted her to diss Britney.

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  3. On 4.10.2017 at 8:50 AM, glitterfalls said:

    I don't really follow Avril, is this how she does all of her M & G*? The space looks awkward but at least they both look comfortable in the picture. Avril doesn't look like she'd chew her own arm off in order to get away at least...

    *If this is something new, maybe Avril and her team realized it's better for the space to be in place or else Avril would be making as many horrifying faces as Britney?  Putting myself in both guy's shoes, I'd be proud to hang and show off that Avril picture. I'd feel like I got my money's worth. For the Britney picture, I think I'd be crying hysterically at spending so much money for something that looks so bad. 

    You're allowed to touch her lol

    CNHzJLVWgAEpUqm.png CNHzJWcWoAAmW2m.png

    Here you can read what she said about M&G https://www.fuse.tv/2014/06/avril-lavigne-awkward-fan-meet-greets

    It got more something to do with secruity stuff.