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  1. 15 hours ago, falka said:

    Idk if that's better, but I like it very much:bow: and U should use Brit's org instagram :lemmetellu:

    Not looking through corn memes to find that video :triggered:

    15 hours ago, Delicious Pork Chops said:


    Hey hun <3 

    15 hours ago, really really cool guy said:

    Btw what happened to Meghan trainor? Where is she? :imok:

    Currently working on a new album

    7 hours ago, jennyj said:

    She's more confident and happy here because SHE created the choreo and she enjoys it.  :jamout:

    On POM, the choreos were all made without catering to her dancing style (and same with many of the dancers)... which is why her and many of the dancers look too focused on getting the steps and timings right, where they have no time to serve face and give attitude.  This type of choreo works with certain genres, but not Britney's.   If you look at all her of her old choreo, it's very simple and natural moves (and less theatrical)... so it allows them to perform them sharply without thinking and serve fierce face at the same time.  It's obvious her and the dancers are not a fan of the choreos (minus Slaymber Party and VMAs Toxic).  I really wish they allowed her to choreograph at least some of the routines or at least let her choose choreographers that design moves that suit her music and style of dancing.  Not everyone dances the same.

    Well she can say if she doesn't like them but she obviously doesn't care. Its sad tho. 

    But I agree with you


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  2. This just randomly came into my mind, but since they did so many already, I wanted to see which one's the best :tiffcackle:

    I hope I got them all and I activated multiple choice. Please don't let this flop, was hard work to do that poll :triggered:

    Btw I put Fantasy, Believe and Radiance in one Question.

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  3. 1 hour ago, TheCharmedTributes1 said:

    She said only "thank you", not no thank you. That is actually a joke.

    Check the video here (5:40):


    I was looking at the video and look if it's the same. I know she didn't said "no" but it shows how awkward she gets.