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  1. I once heard that the Producers pulled the supposed urban tracks from BJ back in 2013, when they found out, that they wont promote BJ. Makes sense since who wants to waste their best work on an album, which no one is gonna notice anyways.

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  2. 8 hours ago, Lilith said:

    that prince is a filthy pig that deserves to rot in a dumpster  :trash: asking that model to f**k his 13 yo brother? jesus f**k. ITS A LITTLE KID :drown:

    Exactly, it's so disgusting :trash: Imagine if he had a 13 year old sister, who had sex (or got raped) from an older men. She would be stoned to death.

    There was recently a case where a refugee family (Father and her husband) tried to murder the daughter because she wanted to be with another man (they forced her to marry her current husband). Islam is trash :trash: Her other brother said that he loves the look of her dying. And there are people who say that islam/middle east are peaceful lmao :cackling:

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  3. That country is disgusting and far from "progressed". Building all these fancy stuff to hide the fact of how gross their people are (especially many men). And people still have the audacity to say how "great" it is :cackling:

    It took them 35 years to allow the GP to even visit a f*cking cinema



    Also looking into their royality and how they rent models (mostly girls from instagram) to live out their gross fetish's

    Check out this thread. What a great country it is :cackling:

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  4. 2 hours ago, JKW said:

    No it wasn't photoshopped, honey. The picture was just made at the right/wrong moment. 




    I dont mean this cover. Few weeks ago there was another one where she was on the over with photoshopped cellulites. I know it was photoshop since I saw the candids not long before that.


    Edit: This cover here:


    If I remember right, she didnt had any on her hip.

  5. If more people knew, that Toxic was on ITZ, it would be #1. GP is gonna vote for that album, where they knew that their fave is on that album.

    Look at Taylor Swift. Many voted for 1989 because they knew that SIO and Blank Space were on these albums, so they voted for that. It kinda ruins the ranking, but it's what it is.