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  1. 3 #1: BOMT, Lucky and S&S 3 #1 Albums: BOMT, Oops and Britney
  2. Their choice to do that. Both videos are trash and deserve to be forgotten. I was just stating my opinion. The planing for the video was a mess anyways.
  3. The video would've made more damage than good. The video screams "desperation" imo.
  4. What else should I call it then?
  5. Thanks Exhale for sending it before it was ready...
  6. I'm bored af and thought this is a good idea. What Single post 2007 is the best? Circus remains as her best imo. Also creating this thread I noticed, that most of these thumbnails are a mess lol.
  7. This was for her Intimate Collection Photoshoot.
  8. When she actually enjoyed her career
  9. Exactly. It's like the Industry in General went more private in 2008 imo.
  10. @The Greatest Show talking about Xtina is something I could read all day cause it's so fascinating
  11. If I remember correctly, she was like "Oh really?... Well did you like it?" Question is what in her mind was in the unreleased Video, that she reacted like that?
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