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  1. Piece of Me, Israel, 65.000 people (open park) definitely like an stadium you can say. It worked out ok.
  2. What? she did stadiums. NOT THE BIGGEST STADIUMS ON EARTH , but she did a few: July 27, 2002: Foro sol in mexico DWAD Tour / 50.000 and all the drama with the second date, but the first one when great: April 5, 2002: She also did the Tokyo Dome, wich was waaaaayy big than a regular arena: Then with Onyx the RSD "arena" but was like a small stadium but stadium at the end / not image of the show sorry. July 11, 2009:Then she did with the circus tour The Parken Stadium: November 20, 2011: Femme Fatale tour in Argentina, Buenos Aires, Estadio Unico de La Plata. Then chile ( a little empty) oops. Look yourself :P Piece of me, sparkassen park: a random pic of the stadium. Full show btw:
  3. hey, anyone know why i can't put images ? i don't see any upload thing and trying with the insert image from URL does nothin I want to upload a very SHOCKING ?) IMAGE related to this thread but.... i don't want to post a link, is not the same haha.
  4. Anyone remember the date? i need to find the exact 3:35 clip "would you hold it against me"" and then the clip returns at 3:38 to 3:40. Super full of energy! ( From the date in abu dhabi to the end of the tour the screen structure was missing, so its from north america or europ) thank u. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZZZq_QHiWM
  5. No one cares about katy anymore, 0 charisma...she's not funny, (she tries and fails every time) so.. hello for a new artist taking her spot.
  6. lol, so true! But Who do you think you are whit that intro IS AMAZING in the opposite side haha.
  7. Madison Square Garden and the only professional full show from "The Return of the Spice Girls" Tour, leaked may 12 , 2020 . More than 12 years later! So....we still have hope about getting some of the dates from the Circus tour! Hang in there! (read that first comment on youtube really funny)
  8. oh my god, what was the original source. i can't believe the quality.
  9. this toxic ones are taking from what source? the joseph kahn ones? VIMEO links are down. Can someone give me a link edit: already saw your toxic son sharemania OMFG
  10. ******* epic, i don't have words. What a beautiful perfomance of lucky.
  11. Her face looks really fresh and not jockerney anymore. Can we all agree on that?
  12. lol at "i don't know who was the femme fatale choreographer when i left" like yeah brian we believe you. Half of the dancers who where there are u friends but u don't know who took your place with your iconic choreos. Anyway. YOU BETTER WORK WITH BRITNEY ON A NEW TOUR AND GIVE THE GAYS THAT GIMME MORE CHOREO THAT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO MAKE FOR BLACKOUT ERA.
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