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  1. Feels weird to say so but that's the reality we live in: it's weird to realize that Britney really hasn't talked crap on any celebrity. Any. And I don't think there's any other celebrity of her or similar level like that. She was only kinda shady towards Christina but only in response to what she had said but that's really nothing (should we count her shade towards Iggy tho?) Meanwhile, there are people who called her a **** and wanted her to die.
  2. I remember this one gay Tik-Tok'er made a video about typical gay stuff and "Sparks deserved more" was one of them
  3. The original lyrics make sense still: it's known she used to be a good Catholic girl and her parents were quite religious so that's why it felt wrong. Even back then it didn't imply that she still thought it was wrong.
  4. THAT is what makes you cancel her? Not all the **** before? Instagram posts comparing chart numbers with another woman, not actual physical fights with her? I guess, it's better than nothing
  5. Britney saying FU for 4 times was an actual cultural reset but her red eyes in the MV kinda concerned me like she hadn't had enough sleep before the shoot
  6. In The Zone DVD Bonus Audio The Greatest Hits Chaotic I only recently found out some of these EPs are available on Spotify. It was both Britney's compilations and just pop music ones (like hottest new tracks or something). I believe, Girls and Boys were there, too.
  7. Omg, yes, can't believe I forgot about this one. I actually remember this song being included in some pirated compilations albums (like top-100 ones) in Russia and that's how I first found out about it. Also, I believe I only realized its actual meaning this or last year thanks to some YouTube comments
  8. Since Mood Ring is getting the attention it deserves, I think it's about time to be reminded of other wonderful Edition-exclusive songs. I know it's all business, but personally I find it so unfair that fans from certain countries just don't get to legally listen to songs of their favorite artist The reason I wanted to submit this topic is Amnesia from Circus which only appears on the British and Japanese editions of the album. A jam Also, "I forgot my boyfriend was the one that had bought me this rock" is such Britney energy Circus has other worthy exclusive songs like Trouble, that, I believe, was even played in "For the Record" but is only available for the Amazon MP3 France deluxe edition - why wouldn't they go even further and make it a ******* Boulevard-street-in-Paris-residents-WAV exclusive The rest two edition-exclusive songs off Circus are Quicksand (which, as many know, was written by Gaga) - European iTunes deluxe edition - and Rock Boy - Mexican edition - which are okay, I guess Femme Fatale had "Scary" - the Japanese and Premium Fan () edition exclusive which Britney actually wrote with a couple of other writers. And finally, Outta This World - an exclusive for the Japanese edition of Blackout that is still considered one of Britney's best songs by plenty of fans. Can't believe they put a questionable Gimme More remix into the deluxe version instead of this masterpiece that sounds fresh to this day (maybe I'm a little biased) There are probably other edition-exclusive Britney's songs so, if there are, share them as well as your opinions on the ones above. Why don't Britney's team just release "On Demand" album
  9. The guy who wrote it said yesterday (during his AMA) that it's a legit single but he doesn't know whether it's gonna be promoted as one
  10. Oh, wtf are they doing lol. Don't they know they can update old albums?
  11. Britney is currently #198 artist on Spotify so I'm not sure the "force" is really there... There are probably like 1k people left who still use iTunes and fans think they're making history
  12. This is completely irrelevant, but I found out that Mona Lisa and Chaotic are on Spotify too, so it's a bonus-track week for me officially
  13. That's so weird, like Britney's team never does pretty much anything extraordinary. I wonder, if it has something to do with her new management cause I read that Britney's not on Larry's manager page anymore
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