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  1. So I went to the Manchester show last night!! i came from Australia to see it, I did the backstage tour which was ok Ive heard bad things and it’s not the greatest but it’s has wow moments like going on the stage and seeing some of her costumes. only negative was after backstage tour we were stuck in venue I couldn’t go outside and come back later so from 5.45- 9 I was just waiting around I watched pitbul but meh lol I spent £180 on merchandise then Britney arrived and I was a few rows from the front and got so excited tears were streaming. So the performance was great I’ve accepted Britney isn’t the same as what she was 16 years ago... we are all older but she still slays and it was extremely hot in the venue last night watching her make little mistakes was great like hitting her dancer and trying to pull off the silver choker and just ripping it in the end was amazing. for me Britney is still amazing and the best part of the show for me? Was her beautiful smile she looked genuinely happy and excited and that smile was back and made the whole night! queen Britney rules again