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  1. I was looking online for the Circus Tour audio and I found Boston and Antwerp available. Does anyone know which of the two had better audio?
  2. When you guys send letters, do you guys just add the photo and never mention it in the letter, or do you say something like "It would mean so much to me if you signed this"?
  3. Guys, you need to realize that Britney's no longer at a point where she's gonna get a hit based on her name alone anymore. Those radio concerts were never going to make Slumber Party shoot up iTunes and Billboard. They're meant to get her in radio's good graces again. Plus with the Christmas freeze coming up, Slumber Party will continue to get small updates until the freeze is over. Once the freeze is over, THEN we'll see if the radio concerts paid off. Just be patient.
  4. 1. Gimme More 16 +1 2. Piece of Me 14 3. Break the Ice 16 4. Radar 10 5. Heaven On Earth 11 6. Get Naked (I Got A Plan) 16 7. Freakshow 12 8. Toy Soldier 11 9. Hot As Ice 13 10. Ooh Ooh Baby 13 11. Perfect Lover 10 12. Why Should I Be Sad? 7 13. Get Back 2 -1
  5. Just tear the plastic open on the right side, slide the record out and get out the poster, then carefully slide the record back into the plastic. That's what I did!
  6. I believe just the original file remains in your library. Kinda like when the "single" version of a song is removed once the album is up for pre-order. You can still play it but it's no longer available for purchase.
  7. I'm choosing to forget about album sales and just enjoy the fact that she's actually doing promo that she hasn't done since 2003
  8. Thank you for saying that! I would've looked right over it if I didn't see her on the cover
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