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  1. We've read this kind of tweet a hundred times...
  2. I was 12. I got back from school and I was watching MTV. It was actually MTV Europe and I remember the lady hosting the show saying something like that : "This is the first European broadcast of the music video from Britney Spears. She is number 1 in the US". It was January 1999. For youngsters out there, many artists were launched months after in different continents back in the days. This is something that was still the rule until the internet got so big so that's why no one outside of the US knew Britney in 1998. (for the record, the single was released in France something around March or April and I thought it was really long since I've been seeing her everyday on MTV for months and that Sometimes was already a hit everywhere when Baby was released in France) I bought the singles of Baby, Sometimes, Crazy and Born to Make you Happy as well as the album. TBH, I didn't really like the song and video the first time I saw it. It wasn't until the next day when I saw it again that I thought it was really great. I quickly became obsessed, and thank God I wasn't the only one since MTV kept on playing the music video over and over. Such great memories... Well, I was in middle school, young, living with my parents. Life was easy and the only thing you had to matter was to go home to catch Britney on MTV. I mean... Those were the days. Thank you Britney for the joy and Happy birthday to Baby One More Time. This song will always have a special place in my heart.
  3. Was there and let me tell you... that was awful. I've been to the Onyx, Circus (twice) and Femme Fatale, but POM is a piece of ****! I don't understand the decision to bring this show worldwide and make it a cheaper version for fans abroad. Where is the respect? Totally gone! And don't tell me that cost money. I almost paid 100 euros to see that "show". Even my 10 year old cousin did a better job at his end of class show at school... The choreos... well there are no choreos at all. I was watching the dancers and they seem to be at 30% of their capabilities... And Britney, dear God... You feel that she still has it inside of her but she just doesn't care. Somebody prove me wrong, I won't believe... I have been waiting for 4 years to judge what POM was like... I know Vegas must be better because of the production. But she can't even deliver a good show with minimum production. Oh and the sound was terrible. Too much bass, the guitar was too loud and when she uses her microphone (for like 45 seconds when the show lasts 2 hours), it felt like a screaming cat having a crisis... She really needs to change her team. She's definitely being more and more irrelevant and can't count on her stage performances to prove people they're wrong thinking she can be considered a legend... So disappointed!!!!!
  4. no! I thought the Rolling Stone photoshoot was ****** and the first time I was shocked was when she did the Slave video tbh!
  5. Slave... There are so many little hand movements, arms gestures, shoulders, back, legs, head... It's so precise that you don't even see it but if you want to learn it properly it can take some times. I used to know it 100% but forgot almost 75% of it lol. And I'm no stranger to dance classes...
  6. Thanks, now I know I don't need to hurry to see her in Vegas haha
  7. How do you see her in 10 years? I have no clue tbh... I hope she stops plastic surgery now cause everyone will say she is damn ugly and youngster will see her old pictures and think: what the hell happened to her??? thoughts?
  8. She should go 70s. Bring back real instruments, real music with timeless music. She should do a Fleetwood Mac inspired album. Which would probable never happen! lol
  9. They did a lot of things wrong. Y'all are complaining about the FF era. Ok she didn't look great but the tour went well, the album was a success and had 3 worldwide hits. I think the best eras are BOMT, Oops and Britney. ITZ was good but Britney was annoying (probably on drugs) when you look back now!
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