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  1. I hope there's a third song with it ! It would be cool !! "On the ground" sounds similar to "Gone" in the teaser, I hope she has a banger to go with it or at least mid-tempo. Anyway, I can't wait !
  2. I like the song and video but I think she did better. Anyway I love the vibe of her recent releases !
  3. JLO looks great !!! But not a big fan of the song or the video. It feels like a cheap "Scream & shout"
  4. Why do they make her record pre-recorded vocals to hide it below the cd vocals ?
  5. I saw it and I was hugely disappointed by the fact that it turns into an action movie on the second half. The first part is perfect in showing how bad c-ship abuse can be but it's completly left out in the second part and it's even almost "excused" because of the nature of the old lady's family... But at least there's a film talking about it. It reminded me of another movie (I can't remember the title) but I think it was on netflix too. It was about a woman (US I think but I might be wrong) that they painted to be crazy to the point of being lockdown in an mental hospital but in fact she was fine and the point was that she had a very good insurance so there was this whole system where they painted stable people to be unstable so the hospital could get the insurance cash. As soon as the insurance stopped covering the person (because it is limited in time) they would just release this person as "cured" when in fact there never was something to cure in the first place. In the movie the woman gets treatment for something she doesn't have too. It was reeeeeeally well done because you were actually questionning yourself watching it: does she need it or not ? It's a shame I don't remember the title, it was great !!!
  6. She seems tired on this video imo. On other videos like that she always look good in the "comfy / messy" style, but here I don't know, it feels like there's something off in this video.
  7. Yeah, it was mostly because of that thing about super famous popstars who died at 27 and Britney was about to turn 27 (or was already I don't remember) and so with everything happening in her life, a lot of people thought that she was going to die. But that website was disgusting, yes ! Honestly the video is very well done but it doesn't show how it was all the time in 2006/2007... it was all the time, everyday,... if they didn't had anything visual with pictures they would just make up stories... and no one was concerned about her. Everything was said like she was responsible for this and like she was a very bad human being... they were judging her all the time really. Honestly sometimes even as a fan it was unbearable to witness how they treated her so I can't even imagine how it must have been for her.
  8. I was able to watch it on this website : https://globalnews.ca/video/7653329/snl-spoofs-britney-spears-talk-show-with-ted-cruz-andrew-cuomo
  9. I'm not surprised if it's true, I've always found it weird to read online it's so popular and you don't hear the album anywhere irl... still she's talented so... don't get why she feels the need to do this...
  10. Is it true about the song "fashion" ? Never knew Heidi sang it ! It was one of my fav Gaga unreleased at the time !
  11. Why would a Britney demo be on the deepweb ?
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