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  1. never saw the russian messages ! very cool ! There was a story a long time ago about russian spy talking to each other in Britney's insta comments, right ?
  2. it really feels like it was put together last minute
  3. it's sad for her and her hard work but the positive side is that it will may calm down her wild fanbase
  4. the pictures are cool, I really like the outfits choices and she looks pretty with her hair ! Way better than the clown thing imo !
  5. Sorry to bump this thread but I just thought about something, On this instagram video Britney tells us that she burned her gym down. Kinda like Carrie White in the "Carrie" movie, she burns the gym down at the end !!
  6. Well, what's weird with Britney is that sometimes singles that don't do that well are still well known and love by the gp lol... I can only talk since blackout because I started following her like 5/6 months before it came out so those albums are the only ones I knew the songs before they became singles. -Break the ice: I thought it would do great until we had the animated video and I lost all hopes. -If U Seek Amy: I thought it would be a new iconic song like BOMT but nope, I was so excited for it to be a single... -Till the world ends: I still think it's weird how it didn't end up being a classic Britney, they still force it on us on every tour lol -Perfume: It such a beautiful and mature song, a nice follow up to everytime but didn't work I guess -Slumber Party: everything was perfect, still don't understand why it wasn't a big hit. Other songs I knew after they were released as singles but was surprise years later that they're not huge hit: -My prerogative, this is so damn good... -Toxic, so surprised it didn't went n°1
  7. I somehow hear it too in the chorus, but can't tell if it's really her voice
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