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  1. Ι dare the ones judging to record themselfs free styling to a song, while wearing home clothes and looking as good as her. But what am I saying... Most not even in their twenties don't have the desire to dance alone and give it their all, let alone wear sth simple and post a vid without filters. There's a portion tho, that finds joy dancing like this at their homes and I belong to them. Also that is what I expect from performers to do when they are on a break.
  2. It was an instant for me. For me it will be the most timeless track she has ever released.
  3. Love her way of doing things. I think most people live in a bubble thinking of her way of living. Whatever, she is the one living it. There's only two types of people in the world... you know the rest.
  4. Well the fans have gone crazy asking how she can fix her voice. LOL Relax, too much thinking. Obviously she plays with her voice any way she wants.
  5. It's great! I enjoy listening to your remixes!
  6. Listened to it today! I gotta say it's pretty cohesive and she stayed true to her vision from start to finish. I like that she is more Gaga the way we had her in mind, with more edgy outfits in her videos, her image in general is more edgy even tho the melodies are not that futuristic. But I can't say that it's not a current sound, there's a ballance between disco and the present age.
  7. It's such a nice and cohesive album, I am just listening to it in full! She has created a vibe. But who would like to listen to a Britney album that reminds anothers singers?
  8. Tell that to her 22 years lasting career. Why would gp care about a 2016 song?
  9. I haven's seen it in such a long time! So good! You can tell she lives for pranks, her eyes are sparking!
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