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  1. I agree that Eminem is absolutely one of the stars who had an incredible prime on that super star level. He was everywhere. He had the world by the balls by the time The Eminem Show and 8 Mile came out; even his detractors couldn’t deny it. The world knew his story and personal life - tabloids covered his mother, father, ex-wife (Kim), daughter (Hailie), dating life, childhood story and neighborhood, and etc. It amazes me to think about how even J14, M, Pop Star, and more included his posters, interviews, and news stories in every issue - he was actively being promoted to and followed by KIDS! He bowed out and wanted to be more private as time went on, but he certainly blew up and few stars will ever experience his prime level. People who weren’t alive or old enough to remember him in 1999 - 2003 won’t understand, but it was amazing. I always felt like Em and Brit had quite a bit in common back then.
  2. A lot of that likely had to do with the general attitude toward smoking cigarettes in public at the time. It was common for smokers to feel like their rights were being infringed upon, because the world catered to smokers for so long. Britney clearly had boundary issues with cigarettes - as a few examples, that’s why she was photographed smoking right in front of Sean in 2008 as he played with her lighters and she was seen smoking in front of both kids in a Whole Foods parking lot 2013. She was used to that being “the norm.”
  3. She had smoked on/off with varying degrees of heaviness for years before 2002, but she became an absolute chain smoker in 2002 (some of the press knew about her smoking in 1999 and Reg Jones claimed this goes back to her pre-fame days), YEARS before Kevin. If you click on the URL of that Smoking Sides site I provided, you can see people frequently commenting on how shocking it was (beyond just the accounts included in my post) - these are all the reports we’d seen on Britney fan sites and the general news back then. In 2002 she’d be going through seven cigarettes in two hours, for example. 2003 was filled with pictures of her regularly smoking. It’s totally possible to quit smoking after becoming a chain smoker, but something tells me that she views it as an act of “freedom” and “rebellion,” and won’t ever fully stop. In a 2003 interview with MTV, she referred to smoking as “meditation.” Remember, she’s rarely photographed now, so it’s MUCH easier for her to hide. The pictures of her smoking in Turks and Caicos in June 2019 were not widely distributed. And Justin Timberlake was reported to be smoking with her in 1999 and the early 2000s, but he wasn’t really photographed with cigarettes until the 2010s - years later.
  4. She was photographed smoking in Turks and Caicos in June 2019, so no, she’s never quit. Additionally, Britney was reportedly seen smoking Marlboros as early as late 1999, but she was clever and free enough to not really get photographed back then. Sure enough, she was photographed smoking Marlboro Lights for the first time in 2002, so the earlier speculation was eventually shown to be consistent with the truth. The “Inside the Dream” book quotes a bar owner who referred to her as “quiet as a mouse, sneaking a cigarette under a pub table with Justin Timberlake” in 1999. Reg Jones said she had been an on/off smoker since before she was ever famous and that Lynne hated it, even smelling Britney’s hands while driving as a teenager: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/exclusive-the-real-britney-560425.amp She was a pretty big chain smoker - here are some reports that surfaced well before the picture of her on the balcony from 2002: • "Asked if she's ever tried smoking, the poised 17-year-old shifted in her seat, fiddled with her ponytail and dropped her clear-eyed gaze. For a moment, she seemed awkward and speechless. In other words, for a moment she seemed like a normal teenaged girl. 'Should I say...?' she hesitated, but then caught herself. 'Well, yes, I have. But I think every teenager's going to try something sometime'", Toronto Globe and Mail, Jan. 30, '99 • seen smoking and drinking in a bar, Nashville radio?, alt.showbiz.gossip, Sep. 28, '99 • "sharing a cigarette with boyfriend Justin Timerberlake while sitting on his lap at 'NSYNC's party at Twirl", NY Post, Sep. 12, '00, p. 6 • "Sightings... Britney Spears smoking Marlboros before a concert in Charlotte, NC", NY Post, Oct. 5, '00, p. 10 • "Pop princess Britney Spears may not be the goody-goody she claims. The self-professed virgin was spotted smoking Marlboros before a concert in Charlotte, North Carolina", World Entertainment News Network, Oct. 10, '00 • "during an N Sync party in New York, Britney was caught sitting on Justin's knee and the pair was spotted sharing a cigarette", The Scotsman (UK), Oct. 28, '00 • "she was photographed looking rough after a cocktail party in Leipzig, Germany. She and her entourage went to celebrate Halloween in the former East German city on a rest day during her German tour. At one point she even lit up a cigarette", World Entertainment News Network, Nov. 2, '00 • "Even worse: Some say she smoked a cigarette at the Party [at Leipzig].", RTL (German TV), Nov. 2, '00 • "During that the pop-princess even lit up a Marlboro", Bild Online (Germany), Nov. 2, '00 • "The curvy star lived it up while on tour in Leipzig, Germany, where she was seen smoking cigarettes and drinking vodka", World Entertainment News Network, Nov. 3, '00 • "Astonished staff watched how she puffed on cigarettes while knocking back vodka-laced White Russians", Sun (UK), Nov. 3, '00, p. 11 • "At the Moritz-Bastei disco in Leipzig, Germany, Britney downed white Russian, pina colada and soul kiss cocktails. Britney was also seen puffing away on Marlboro cigarettes", Scottish Daily Record, Nov. 3, '00 • "Barstaff at the Moritz-Bastei disco watched her knock back Pina Coladas, White Russians and Soul's Kisses, smoking all the while", Deutsche Press-Agentur, Nov. 3, '00 • "Britney even lit up a cigarette", MTV Asia, Nov. 3, '00 • "She downed cocktails and even smoked cigarettes", National Enquirer, Nov. 21, '00 • was constantly asking for cigarettes before her concert in the Spektrum in Oslo, one person believed that she smoked a lot on a regular basis based on what he saw, Se og Hor (Norway), c. Dec. '00 • "clubbing, swearing, smoking... where did it all go right?", Sky Magazine, Dec. '00 • cigar - spotted taking a puff of a cigar coming out of a car, where?, netizen, Feb. 21, '01 • cigar - seen in Club New York smoking a cigar, National Enquirer, Mar. '01 • "enjoying smoking", Heat (UK), Mar. '01 • "In 2001, Britney has reached the level of fame where everything that happens to her - from her alleged breast enlargement to her virginity, taking in her mother, Christianity, cohabiting but platonic boyfriend and sneaky cigarette smoking - is rigorously scrutinized", The Times (UK), Nov. 30, '01 • "Fans know her as a clean-living woman, however after some gigs the corks popped: Britney smoked, drank and behaved in a not at all ladylike manner. The image of permanently being the clean girlie is probably too tedious for the 19-year-old", Shopping in Lüneburg: Review of the Year (Germany), '01 • "there's no mention elsewhere on the website about Britney's raunchy videos and photo-shoots, rumours of her **** job, nor her drinking and smoking exploits on tour. ... if you want to find out exactly what the pop superstar's mum thought about her drinking and smoking while on tour in Europe - things she wouldn't legally be allowed to do in her home state - you'll have to look elsewhere than her official Britney Spears website", Daily Record (UK), Mar. 7, '02 • "Pals say she has become a heavy smoker and the pressures of fame seem to be getting to her", The Sun (UK), Mar. 14, '02 • "the only thing we have noticed during the day is that Britney likes - despite her healthy image - smoking a cigarette", Veronica's magazine, Mar. 21, '02 • "During the evening, while she smoked and drank white wine, Britney was treated to a live show by a trans-****** woman", Daily Star (UK), Mar. 21, '02 • "Enjoying the Bubbly and virtually chain-smoking in the In And Out Club's VIP room", Mirror (UK), Mar. 27, '02, p. 13 • "Britney Spears granted Peterborough a brief but illuminating interview at the premiere of her debut film, Crossroads, on Monday. Peterborough: Did you know that Alastair Campbell is a big fan of yours (Peterborough, Nov 17, 2000)? He's even been to one of your concerts. Britney (cigarette in one hand, glass of champagne in the other): Alastair Campbell? I've never heard of him. Who's he? P: He's Tony Blair's official spokesman. B: Tony Blair? I've never heard of him either. P: Well, Mr Blair is our Prime Minister. B: (a second cigarette in her hand)", Daily Telegraph (UK), Mar. 27, '02 • "Mothers whose children waited hours to catch her arriving for the Leicester Square premiere were left furious when Britney rushed past them with barely a glance. Even at the post-screening party at London's In And Out club, Britney stayed huddled in the VIP room, chain-smoking and knocking back champagne, away from all those irritating ordinary people", The Mirror (UK), Mar. 28, '02 • "Britney turned heads in Bellini, my local Italian trough in Kensington, West London, when she fetched up unexpectedly last Thursday for lunch. Britney, in sunglasses and smoking Marlboro Lights throughout her Spaghetti Napolitana, didn't leave a tip", Daily Mail (UK), Apr. 3, '02 The archived reports are from: https://smokingsides.com/asfs/S/Spears.html Britney smoking in Turks and Caicos June 2019:
  5. It's on par with her team wanting us to believe she's crazy for walking barefoot after rocking painful as hell heels in May 2019. Don't listen to them. NOT BUYING IT
  6. I'm buying it about as much as Lou Taylor saying the emails from Britney were actually from Sam. (I seriously still laugh my *** off at the fact that was them ADMITTING their own emails were real.)
  7. Stay positive. You are all forgetting Jansen, Lynne, Lynne's BFF, the dancer who is visiting Lynne this week (and even had a video of Lynne and her BFF saying they were excited to see him, etc.). Remember the messages Jansen sent with the prayer hands? Remember what Lynne's BFF said about Britney being aware of the movement with a wink? Remember all the posts they've liked? Remember the dancer, who has proof he is going to Lynne's house, said they are working on ending the conservatorship? THEY ARE ALL WORKING ON GETTING IT TO END! With regard to the personality changes, Britney was fine in For the Record, which was after both 5150s. It was obvious during Circus that she was medicated, and as the months went by, I literally can tell she was getting more and more medicated and/or affected by the medication (her Candies interview serves as one of many examples where it was too slight to really notice it at the time, but I totally see it now, and I can even tell she was starting to look a bit older back then). Please don't think about brain damage. Even with the most intense medications, the brain is neuroplastic and fixes itself - this is why withdrawal happens and then is healed over time with these types of drugs (and no, permanent withdrawal is nothing more than a myth; those people are in a state of heightened fight-or-flight mode - their cortisol will go down, serotonin will go up, etc. once they stop).
  8. No. And many (not all) “mental illnesses” are either misdiagnosed and/or a normal response to environmental and/or epigenetic factors.
  9. Aren’t people done coasting off the same old performances and eras? I love Britney, but don’t you get tired of this? It’s such a desperate attempt, from MTV and everyone else. I’ve moved on from talking about the same three Britney performances for years. Also, many (NOT all) of these same people still think she’s incompetent. I don’t care to see them parading around.
  10. Isn't it SOOO ironic that this part of the segment was later cut out? And that a staff member was banned over getting Britney's consent to take a selfie, but not Jamie's? https://maybachmedia.com/britney-spears-dad-banned-extra-producer-from-ever-working-with-her-after-he-posted-unsanctioned-selfie/ LOL WHY DOES THIS ALL SOUND SO FAMILIAR?
  11. I seriously don't understand how people can buy into this every single year. I'd be more interested if the show and the performers still delivered.
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