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  1. The reality for Britney's team - and even Britney herself after puzzling Instagram captions, such as Project Red references and saying she cried for two weeks over a documentary she didn't even watch despite Sam Asghari liking social media posts on the documentary and thanking fans for their support - is that staying silent is only causing more confusion and chaos. Whether you like it or not, team Britney, her brand has changed forever. And everyone staying silent, or at the very least relying on confusing Instagram captions that don't even make sense, isn't silencing fans. You cannot liken someone's life to a "hybrid business model" or call them a "racehorse" - all verified statements - without eyebrows and concerns being raised. There is no going back to the old days of silencing fans after this. Britney said through Samuel Ingham and documented legal papers that she "appreciates the informed support of her many fans." For the people associated with her to go back and try to redact documents or shut down conversations without proof is an interesting strategy. If Britney wants a different type of support, we need to know - and not from Instagram captions that seem totally disconnected from the actual pictures or videos she's sharing. And if someone who is innocent is falsely accused of something, solid proof would be the golden ticket that satisfactorily appeases the masses. It is respected that there are private matters in this case. There are grateful ways to address the growing questions from fans and now the general public without sacrificing details regarding anyone's medical information, etc. Unfortunately, silence (Britney) and silencing (those associated with her, including her team as well as other acquaintances) are not helping this situation and there are too many eyes on Britney's case for it to go away until there is more clarity. It would appear that these tactics only fan the blazing flames.
  2. I'm a bit exhausted seeing these captions and being made to feel like a conspiracy theorist by her team and possibly even "her" when we have no idea what she's talking about in the midst of a literal movement dedicated to her conservatorship. That's apparently the type of thinking that led to a documentary that prompted "her" to cry for two weeks. I just wish there were some clarity as to what the **** she's talking about and what this means. Clearly this isn't normal. Or does she honestly think Project Rose and Red are simple little photo projects where she reposts the same **** over and over again from the same day for the next 6 months? Or was Project Rose a nod to something like Framing Britney Spears and now this Red business is referencing the Netflix documentary? Or... what? Regardless, I'm tired of trying to understand.
  3. Switched up her meds, different hair, etc. she already had lip injections in 2007.
  4. Ahhh yes, I think you're right - I totally forgot. Sounds like it's time to reclaim Christmas!
  5. Witchy pagan celebration... this may explain why I've always loved Easter so much. More than Christmas, TBH.
  6. She definitely had been messing around with her nose in 2013 - it was totally thinned. I noticed it initially in Shape magazine.
  7. The brand she wants nothing to do with right now and couldn't even be bothered to collect a $1 million check to visit The Zone?' Britney said via her attorney in public documents that she is scared of Jamie. She doesn't want this.
  8. Supported decision-making, which a woman with Down's Syndrome and her family established because they didn't want all of her rights to be taken away, but she does require assistance with major life decisions. https://www.supporteddecisionmaking.org Conservatorships are too hard to get out of. This was never a fair game.
  9. It reminds me of antidepressant withdrawal: medical professionals in general aren't well educated on the severity, longevity, and frequency due to pharmaceutical companies not performing proper studies. Combine that with a lack of education on proper weaning techniques (some of these medications like Cymbalta only have doses as low as 20mg and you are forced to either go cold turkey or open capsules with hundreds of beads), and you get countless medical professionals who tell patients, "That's not antidepressant withdrawal! That's just a sign that you need an antidepressant!" Mental health in general is so misunderstood. Whether it's about conservatorships, medications, diagnoses, whatever... we have so much room to grow in this area. In the meantime, people like Britney are suffering and it's incredibly disheartening.
  10. No, the album was influenced by trends, as opposed to innovating or even championing them. And that's OK - nothing wrong with that.
  11. These are SO much fun! I love them. Thank you for sharing, Eulonzo! ❤️
  12. The only incompetent individuals are those that approved - and continue to justify - this total thwart of human rights.
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