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  1. And Britney is also following Kylie. Steve Anderson works with Kylie a lot and has worked with Britney on Breathe On Me. I wonder if a collaboration is in the works.
  2. FTR was weird bc they claimed that no question went unasked or unanswered - well then they clearly edited a lot out bc she didn't talk about a lot of the big issues she was/is facing since the breakdown. She doesn't owe us anything she doesn't want to talk about but they shouldn't have marketed it like that then. I feel like the doc wasn't really that revealing, it was just more about the BTS stuff.

    news JLo Broke Britney's Record

    I went to All I Have and it was amazing!! She deserves success.
  4. Oops! Club/dance music isn't fun to listen to on vinyl so Oops and Baby are the only ones I really want. I have Glory and bought two copies of BOMT!

    other POM was pretty much DWAD 2.0

    I get the joke but like... don't even joke about that
  6. Hopefully now that POM is finally done she can concentrate on new music. I'm sure she's been recording slowly sine Glory. She usually records almost right after a tour or releasing an album!

    video Perfume

    I like the concept but it feels so unfinished.

    exhale Prerogative Perfume Commercial

    I really love the short clips we got but I'm guessing that's it bc it's kind of over