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    event Ariana Sweetener Thread

    where can i get it

    other Honestly why wasn’t this the Glory album cover

    i always wished they had saved that photoshoot for the album
  3. Tidal is such a flop lol so desperate

    music New set list for future

    these are the songs I hope she does: BOMT: BOMT (album version), Crazy (album version), BTMYH OIDIA: Oops (album version), Stronger, DLMBTLTK Britney: Slave, Overprotected ITZ: MATM, Toxic Blackout: Gimme More, POM, Radar Circus: Womanizer, Circus FF: HIAM, TTWE, Criminal Glory: Make Me anything else would be just for fun

    music Which Britney tours had your favorite remixes?

    yeah they're fine but nothing special, just kind of random remixes for a really bad show. forgettable to me.

    music Which Britney tours had your favorite remixes?

    DWAD bc Oops and Baby remixes are so iconic in Britney World BOMT and OIDIA Tours didn't have any remixes. The remixes in OH were for the lounge section and I think they're good but it turned some of her biggest hits at the time into ballads which was kind of a buzzkill. The MATM remix from the album is good though. M+Ms was such a shitty show I can't even talk about it. Circus had some okay remixes. FF remixes were awesome bc I loved the storyline about her being an international woman of mystery. GM was amazing, Toxic was fun bc of the theme. And the POM remixes mostly suck.
  7. overall pom has better energy but that's an untrue blanket statement. there were plenty of dates she was into. the real story behind this gif is that they removed the catwalk so it gave her less places to walk around and she had to improvise.

    other Is Beyonce pregnant?

    maybe its just the print but she looks HUGE
  9. He looks like a total creep pedophile would you leave your kids with that? i wouldnt
  10. He's got to get sales somehow I mean why would anyone want a book by Justin Timberlake? How to be an asshole or how to stay in the closet?

    other "B-Army" Alternative

    from the very beginning of fandom names i thought we should have been the Britney Bitches

    other Is Beyonce pregnant?

    her legs are bigger than jay's and her hips are bigger than his waist. maybe i just didnt realize how big she is.