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  1. 12 minutes ago, falka said:

    In my eyes Charlie was more that type of :bang: girl 

    I dunno. I could see that too- he looked like a bit of a social climber. But Charlie was already a successful TV executive and producer from an established family. 

    Sam was/is a wannabe model/public figure- dating Britney Spears is a goldmine (exhibit 1- Kfed). 

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  2. 17 minutes ago, portrait said:

    wow this is so disrespectful , 30 minutes?? omg. 

    Might have been 20ish. It was a really long time tho. At first it was just pitch black and we all thought she was going to come out, then the announcer came on and told us to stop smoking (and we were all like HUH), then we waited a ton...Some people booed, everybody was complaining. And then about 20ish minutes or so she just came out and nothing. was quite ridicilous. 


    22 minutes ago, assholeessek said:

    This is hilorious :tiffcackle::tiffcackle::tiffcackle:

    I was at this concert.. It was anything but hilarious. The show was stopped for nearly 30 minutes after this and we had no clue what was going on. Then she came back and didn't say a word. The audience was pissed af. 

    Needless to say, her FFT in Vancouver then sold on Groupon. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Mayenaise said:

    Amen. Sick of all the nonsenses around Photoshop as well. We saw the videos of her looking hot and have saw her look just as amazing on stage. Why do we always have to discredit her?? 

    Yes there is Photoshop and I must admit in some pics there is a lot but she looks good nonetheless.

    I hate when people try to suggest she doesn't looks as good in the pictures when she absolutely does.

    But I also understand the criticism of the Photoshop when it makes her look like an animation instead of Britney Spears :ohdear:

    Kenzo has been an amazing endorsement for both parties, and one of the best decisions her team have made in years, considering the Lidl hairline etc...

    Everything has slowly been picking up since Glory and looks to be getting even better. I'm excited :carpoolney:



    Completely agree bb. 


    Yea, cant believe her team whored her out for a Lidl line...

  5. My final verdict that BJ is poorly produced (will.i.suck bai), Myah mess was ridic, and over produced, but there were a number of really beautiful melodies and songs. that don't get enough credit (WB, hold on tiite, brightest morning star, alien, etc, etc).... (and there were some alarmingly bad songs like Chilling witchu). 

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  6. I dont see how people dont think this is a huge deal. 

    Britney hasn't had an endorsement deal in forever, let alone for a high fashion brand. This is huge for her, people are commenting she looks hot, and she's on the side of the louvre. This is great exposure. 

    Do we literally have to complain about absolutely everything?

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