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  1. Huh- I think you may be confused... I didn’t say JLO hasn’t had hits or isn’t successful- I said the two songs that I listed (amor amor amor & ni tu ni yo) weren’t huge hits (I am talking about just those two songs), but I still love them. That wasn’t shade- just saying those two songs aren’t very mainstream, but I love them... lol
  2. Absolutely she can. There is so much goodwill and love for Britney and the general public is still rooting for her and they all want her to succeed. If Britney wants to do it, she’ll be able to. It’s just up to her if she wants that life of fame.
  3. While these songs weren’t hits per say, I ADORE amor, amor, amor & ni tu ni yo. They’re SUCH GOOD SONGS
  4. She’s obviously talented but I find her so egotistical, self-indulgent and fake, which translates to not loving her work.
  5. Wait I don’t get why/how is he saying the conservatorship shouldn’t be in place then ends with Jamie Lynn should be the estate conservator? Does he mean If the conservatorship does exists (tho it shouldn’t) then She should be the one?
  6. I mean, yes they’re weird. But this implies that you think that Britney has in fact gone totally downhill in terms of her mental health and capacity... and I just didn’t think that.
  7. The innocent part is interesting.. they’re all starting to paint Britney as this little girl, which is making me wonder...
  8. I do have to say that I have kind of mixed up the personal vs estate conservatorship. This seems to be all about the estate... so what does this mean for her personal one?
  9. Doesn’t add up. As many people here have stated, during most POM years, she was making 20-30M+ per year (not to mention higher during circus & FF). With her spending being less than a million + her lawyers fees being in the 2-3m range- she should be putting away at least 15-20m in savings/investments. You add a 2-6% investment growth rate each year, that money should be an easy 200-300m & this is assuming she had nothing left prior to 2008. this money is in some shell companies that Jamie & Lou have access to probably.
  10. This is impossible. Lol. How am I supposed to vote for this?!?!?
  11. Yea that’s the thing. I said this previously too and I would love nothing more than for this to be a #freebritney path and a step to get her to freeedom. but I’m worried that it’s ingham who has, as you say, been a part of this terrible thing for so long.... doing something super shady & removing her family from the picture so they can’t protest.
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