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  1. Let's NOT compare the two. I understand when people compare Britney to Diana because of paparazzi but Meghan ...hell no !!! Meghan is a shallow attentionseeking tv celebrity from Hollywood who thought marrying a reigning aristocratic family of Europe was "cool" and "fun" and happened to discover it wasn't that "cool" and "fun" and wants to tell everyone she found out it wasn't that "fun" !! My opinion : girl, shut up and open a book once in your life ! Britney in the other hand is from a poor family in the south of USA and worked so hard her entire life to build an empire...and who seems to have a hard time dealing with the sucess she had from her hard work. Nothing to compare !
  2. Now that's interesting because I always thought we all assume she never really wore those clothes...I mean look at the black short, the two pictures with that short has the exact same short, if that makes sense, it's like copy and paste. I always believed they changed the shirt from white to black and that they added the "coat" on the cover. What do you guys think about that ? Have we ever seen another shot with this outfit ? I don't think so, also it's clear it's heavely photoshopped and I still have this magazine I bought when it came out, and everything is white...so that's why I believe she never wore this outfit, am I wrong ?
  3. BOMT : we never had the pink cover here and I like ours better with the praying hands and all white, though she is more beautiful in the japanese cover I think OIDIA : This one is iconic, everyone and their grandmothers should like it ..how dare some of you ? Britney : I actually love this one ITZ : well it's very pretty but somehow I wish we could see the hair flying..I don't know the close up is a little bit extreme..even though I like this cover Greatest hits : ok the silver box was gorgeous but...can we talk about the fact that Britney probably never took that photo ??!!!! The second I first saw it I thought they used the photoshoot for Rollingstone and photoshop the white shirt...just like for the perfumes ads...I can't at that level of laziness. Do we all agree this photo is not a real one and we are stanning a photoshop drawing, right ?? Blackout : Best album in the universe, ugly cover ! I cant. I always wished they used the one someone posted the page before this one with the mirror on the back and the blue dress. I hate the fact that they painted a black and white pic and those colors ..pink and orange and black ..etc Circus : beautiful photoshoot, but not so pretty final pictures, heavy photoshop (too heavy ??) The cover is not beautiful. FF : Boring as hell BJ : Black and white version of Femme fatale cover, so still boring as hell. Plus it's not the right singer, the cover doesn't match who's singing. Glory : Blurry version of the two previous albums, so a blurry boring as hell cover. Yeah I agree they could, and should, have done better, but oh well.. some of them are still great
  4. I know how the music video was, I remember watching it on TV. The funny thing is during that summer I went for vacation to the south of France and we had Anticipating music video on TV here and because it was so close to the border with Spain, we could watch I love RollnRoll music video on spanish channels because they had that single overthere. I could spend hours in front of the tv to see the ILRNR music video since we didn't have it here in France and I was so shocked when it was playing.(the world before the Internet !!) The music video for Anticipating was just the concert just like in the DVD, there were no special effects or backstage clips or anything. Not that I remember. Fun fact.. the first physical single I bought in a store was Anticipating.
  5. I'm going to be very blunt, I love the concept behind this, I love the costumes, I adore when Britney is going for a more eccentric aesthetic and Britney playing a character is my favorite type of Britney...but ..let's be honest, this photographer has a problem with photoshop, her body is always way too slim and akward, and in general she seems to love using a lot of darkness and bright white skin and I usually find it a bit too radical. Also, the make up was probably good on paper but in reality it didn't turn out to be that great, thank God there's a lot going on with all the beautiful costumes, jewelry, wigs etc...cuz the makeup wasn't fantastic. So I guess it's a 50/50 kind of situation. Fustrating a bit.
  6. Things were going downhill in terms of albums' quality... then Glory came out and she just ended Femme-fatale and Britney-Jean's careers. This Glory girl has that power.
  7. From what I remember at first we were very upset there were no interviews, no performances etc when the album was so good. She was going to dance studios, she had a shotoshoot or two and we were just very devastated each day to learn things were canceled or that it turned out to be a mess. She was basicly going places but nothing was happening. Then she started going out only during night time, walking bare foot, being eccentric. We were actually seeing her more than ever cuz you could come back here many times a day you had new photos of where she was 10 minutes before...we were with her everyday when you think about it, many times a day ..and of course she was talking to the paps etc...well it was a mess . Also most fans, I think, were worried she would never come back after that night in the emergency ambulance. That was really the end of something. From that moment this circus was not so entertaining anymore. We started being worried for her life and personnaly I started thinking she would never come back...but I had to say they did an amazing job in making us believe in the whole "she went through hell but she's stronger than ever and she's back !!" Now when we look with hindsight all this happened very fast...and she went back to work pretty quickly... (of course little we knew about the scars left forever inside her mind)
  8. still can't believe the song had a second life and was plaid on tv here in France. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZ9GM2lBvKM
  9. only Britney !! What do you like about IWG music video ? I 'd like to know because I really don't like it.
  10. She'll never be me Mona Lisa - original version When I say so Baby boy Let go anything Pepsi related (Right now, joy of Pepsi, Now and then are I-CO-NIC) Also I know they were somehow released but ...JUSTICE for : And then we kiss, Before the goodbye and I run away !!
  11. I agree with many of you here. I wanna go was my favorite new song when the album was released but I don't like the music video and its funny-not-so-funny avril lavinesque vibe and it ruined the song for me. I feel like Femme fatale in general didn't age well..same with the repetitive chorus of Till the world ends. I can't stand Will I am songs, Scream and Shout and BFB, that's when I go get my drink at parties. And finally Britney Jean well ... I used to like Till it's gone I thought it should be a single, now exept some slow songs like Don't cry and Brightest morning star which are cute I think the rest of the album is and already was crappy since day one. The rest of Britney's songs remain the iconic soundtrack of my life EDIT : ok I confess I don't really like Email my heart anymore
  12. Supporting the song ? Boycotting the song ? which side are you on ? Let's face it, this fanbase is having the biggest schism since the split between catholics and protestants !
  13. google is your friend dear I just wrote that name account on google and first thing you see is that it's a gym in Vegas where Britney did charity for children with cancer with Mario lopez. Voilà !
  14. whaaaaaaaaat ? How is that even possible we still discover treasures from the past now ? I mean all this time there were human beings who had this clip and never shared it on the internet ! So Britney lied ...well well well, that means that maybe.... just maybe..."all of my shows are live, I'm singing live" may be ......a lie !!!! I'm so glad Christina was there aswell. I love her with black hair but for some reason I've always wished she was blond for that performance you know for the concept of the iconic blond virgin barbie dolls rivalry.
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