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  1. I'm starting to wonder if this sociopathic girl has access to the internet. Her self awareness and priority of shutting down the conversation about Britney's fight for her life back is so ignorant. At this point with all the revelations, her instinct should be support and justice for britney but instead she is evasive and tries to imply its a sensitive family issue she can't speak upon. Bryan and Jamie Lynn failed Britney. They know it deep down and can try to hide from it but it will eventually eat them up. Britney deserves better.
  2. The conservatorship has always been a subject of suspicion all the way through on exhale. We all knew it was what was preventing her saying what she wanted and how her kids had been used to make her submit . It blew up in 2016 on here when she spoke about it on Jonathan Ross (to then be edited out of the taping). It's weird because everyone knew it was a messed up situation but she had some real good moments throughout the years that gaslighted us and made us believe she was doing great.
  3. Anyone that's been sending Myah abuse really needs to log off the internet. A 10 second snippet of BRITNEY and she's receiving personal insults about her looks. The fuq is wrong with some people
  4. Yes I forgot that bit. I'm so pleased it made it on there even if it was 30 seconds. It's become mainstream which is everything B needs
  5. I watched it live! Working from home (in my new job during lockdown after being made redundant , congrats for me pls sisters). This is watched by like the whole country right now whilst we all work from home. Disappointed that all Lorraine had to say was "isn't she 38 years old? I hope they can get this sorted" - I expected her to really make a stand but whatever.
  6. This is old. What the actual f. This has made me really believe she isn't in control. What would be the need for her to do this? I get she's showing she's a fighter but why not just caption it as a throwback? There's literally no reason to lie here.
  7. It's so disgusting. This was a set up. Britney needed guidance , not this. This needs to end. I think she has the strength to rebuild her life and to be able to show these vermin that they didn't win. Can't the judge just annul it she deems it corrupt and needing investigation? It's madness that it's getting drawn out
  8. Well with freebriney overshadowing Zoey666 flop , she probably cut her losses and wants to distance herself from it all. Thank god they are no longer getting away with all of this without scrutiny. Her gutless "father" better be taking notes
  9. Have to agree with this. *** work is not something to be shamed for anyway and I hear it pays extremely well
  10. I totally like this response and the empathy behind it. I just find it unfathomable how she has been treated by her family for the last decade. She feels trapped and nobody has listened or helped her and they've all financially benefited from her imprisonment and the shocking control of her most basic wants in life. They took her rights away as a mother and dictated her career and social life like something out of dystopia. The only person I feel for is Britney and I really hope she can heal from the lack of trust she must feel at this stage of her life. I really hope her boys uplift her cause I feel they are probably the only people she trusts
  11. "Britney" uploads new video calling out the weather for ruining her video , talks about surfer ants and tells us she isn't perfect.
  12. He is a massive clout chaser, he loves himself and his actions on insta surrounding Britney have raised suspicions but he has shown support for the movement and Britney clearly feels safe and happy with him so I trust her judgement for now.
  13. At least he has the privilege of being able to travel alone, walk alone and go wherever he likes whilst having to endure this kind of harassment, it's a shame he denied his daughter the same privilege and she has to live a restricted existence whilst having no choice but to silence herself. I really hate , and i don't use that word loosely, hate this man for what he continues to put Britney through as a grown woman. I am not sure what the people above him have on him but at this point he is not walking away and that rings major alarm bells.
  14. When this is all blown up in court about the obvious corruption that's taken place - I really think a few people will be facing jail time. I don't think Britney just wants to be free, she wants justice too and too flipping right!
  15. Frankly not even them two clowns could possibly be that stupid to try and corrupt the litigators hired for Britney at her request. Maybe they will feel they have nothing to lose and try their luck but would only add to their crimes. I really hope Britney is ok. These people are dangerous in my opinion, I want her to have proper protection at all times. Not to get deep but this is a crushing defeat for them and they clearly aren't sane!
  16. The beginning of the end! If I am correct , she can use these litigators now for whatever means she wants? This is Lou and Jamie's worst day of their pathetic lives
  17. She's still there, behind all the smoke and mirrors. This proved it. This is quintessential Britney and it makes me question all the other "manic" videos with suspicions as it is night and day.
  18. This guy needs to be muted. I tried to reason with him on insta telling him his efforts are welcomed at BH and to stop with the sniping as in unproductive and he comes back with a Harry potter sized novel reply, I didn't even finish reading... He is obsessed with BH and his "revelations" are sketchy at best
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