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  1. Absolutely nothing can be supported , I am a bit ashamed to admit I loved when they released Mood Ring but that was because I felt it needed some justice as it was a fire track that was slept on but at this point we need to stop the income for team c ship no matter what.
  2. Not lyrically no, I just see big similarities in the production
  3. Yeah or nah? I haven't been here for Gaga for a long time but she got me with 911 and I get massive Photography vibes
  4. She's saying hello to her emotions that have suddenly just became apparent and then starts crying and commands herself to be strong before breaking down - that's how I see it. She was Infront of the camera, a hawk interviewer that examines her every word and probably a lot of strangers and was trying to style off the fact she was about break down. Nothing to do with mk ultra. A lot of people claim she says strawberry, she's obviously saying "Strong Britney"
  5. Hey all So I got into a Twitter chat with Jessica Spears who uploaded a pic of her and Britney so I am guessing she is legit bit could be wrong. Anyway she said she thinks some fans are going too far with conspiracies and there is a lot we don't know but said that even being inside the family is hard to know what is happening and she appears to be pro #freebritney. Related:
  6. The maturity of this place back then and I was a member so really hope I wasn't participating in this same manner
  7. I feel a bit bad for her but she has time and time again shown an unlikable persona and I think people just aren't here for her now. I really liked the singles from Witness era tbh. Bon Appetite is a jam and I loved chained to the rhythm
  8. He was so cringeworthy and behaved psychotic towards most people. The irony that he argued with his female counterpart Katie Hopkins more than anyone else too. Vile human being and tbf @breatheheavy , he wished death on Britney so it's laughable to say we should show compassion
  9. I think once he is out of the picture we need to see how Britney herself is. I need to see her being free and in control. I need to see her speaking on things authentically once she has the liberty to do so. By no means will I stop fighting for her freedom but the contrast between pre cship Britney and c ship Britney is so huge that we will be absolutely sure if she is still unhappy with the arrangement. It's obvious she wants the whole thing dissolved tbh so we just need to be ready to roar when the signal is there.
  10. I really hate hating on people deserving of hate but I REALLY hate that Britney wannabe bootleg so much as I have such a good bond with my sisters and it's unfathomable to me how she can conduct herself the way she has in regards to all this, multiplied with her hanging from Lou Taylor's t.i.ts being all "I love you" - throw her in the bin . No regrets and I said what I said. There's no redemption for JLS
  11. I really wanna dish some venom to the little ***** (really Jordan?! This is not a swear word!) but she looks about 10 years old so I will refrain from putting her in her place. I guess it's not her fault that her parents failed her and she's turning out to be a lying, pompous little sh.it. She is plucking white celebs out of thin air and it's really quite damaging to do, she needs therapy. EDIT: WRONG TOPIC OOPS! MEANT FOR THE TIKTOK SAYING B SUPPORTS TRUMP
  12. Totally agree. He has an agenda in my opinion. Someone has been in touch with him from the camp. The "she doesn't like the negativity " was a tell tale sign for me. The only negativity is towards the clowns running her corrupt conservatorship and it's creating momentum. Why would she want that to stop and potentially put out the fires of the movement? These people have literally stolen her life. She hates them.
  13. I don't trust this guy. For similar reasons as others. I do not believe Britney has spoken to him or Jason Alexander privately. He needs to stop being such a damn b.i.t.c.h. about people criticizing his damn work, if you do a c.r.ap job on an icons make up then you will be dragged hunny, suck it up and do better. Focus on the movement and stop trying to feed your own ego.
  14. I never thought I'd love a bunch of people I never met but I truly do after us all coming together for the good fight! Britney will truly have the biggest bond with her fanbase when she is free from all this. I'm glad that those that have done her so dirty are shaking in their boots, karma is a wonderful thing
  15. Well this is a very unusual situation so anything goes imo. I mean she blocked me for asking how she managed to become Britney's business manager. Obviously she can't say how - because it involved grooming the whole uneducated family and her dad probably loving the attention he is getting of a woman. Then she just walked in to that job knowing it will go against brits wishes. Her attitude and her whole demeanour to he able to do that to another human for 12 years deserves everything they get. I hooe she rots in jail whilst britney finally lives her best life.
  16. Just a doppel. I'm pro Britney's freedom and if I remember right he calls it a conspiracy. I could never demote my being to such trash levels
  17. Sorry Jordan but no. These people conspired against a fragile young woman and stole her womanly years of finding herself from her and stole the right to her babies before anything else. Whilst they all sit by claiming we are demented for calling out this c ship, they are still earning BRITNEYS money every second of every day. It HAS to stop and if bullying the likes of Lou and Jamie into submission will work, sign me the hell up because karma isn't being speedy enough
  18. go like and comment please *****es because I don't use personal insta anymore and have no followers. Also she blocked me just a few days before her meltdowns , do you think where I started the message off in a friendly tone it compelled her to read my bit about the emails. Maybe I'm reaching but I don't see those emails being brought up nearly as much as they should be.
  19. This song I do love from glory because it's just different. Britney put her stamp on this song and I remember it managing to become a meme on socials. #justiceforifimdancing
  20. She said happy meal as an allude to wanting her happiness in my opinion. Why not just say McDonald's ? Pretty sure we never knew brit to buy herself happy meals from MD...lol.The sigh after only going out once is very telling too.
  21. So my friends refuse to believe that work ***** is basically Myah vocals with Britney singing literally 3 words. I have been on YouTube to try and prove my point but they won't have it. Anyone have any irrefutable proof it isn't Britney. I tried to show myahs demos but they just won't accept a lead single was released without Britney singing the lead.
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