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  1. So my friends refuse to believe that work ***** is basically Myah vocals with Britney singing literally 3 words. I have been on YouTube to try and prove my point but they won't have it. Anyone have any irrefutable proof it isn't Britney. I tried to show myahs demos but they just won't accept a lead single was released without Britney singing the lead.
  2. It's too weird now. Something messed up is going on.
  3. Imagine Britney's vocals on this type of track. I always find Robyn and Britney sing in similar styles and that is why I Stan both. It's very blackout 2 I feel
  4. Massive attention seeker but if she gets close to Britney and spills tea then she's good with me
  5. Basically they are all soiling themselves and don't know what to do. Daddy is so flustered he calls it a conspiracy and a joke. Brian says he doesn't know about it but knows she doesn't want it but she should have it because she can't book reservations. Ofc JLS can't miss the chance for some attention and will likely try and plug Zoey no one cares. Lynne I reserve judgement for until after I've seen it.
  6. Erm are all those saying no remembering Britney's vocals are virtually non existent on the track? It's proved she's made to work in order to see her kids and then she is slapped with a song about demanding someone to get to work with being called a ***** afterwords. It's completely logical.
  7. I never saw this before I'm such a flop. She is so herself there. Always choosing to be happy no matter what. I love her
  8. Whatever the circumstances surrounding this guy are, he makes her light up and happy when she has every reason to be miserable . I reserve judgement until she's free tbh. I'd be really worried if she didn't have him at this point . Every other person done her dirty. If he's being paid, there ain't **** we can do about it but as long as he keeps her smiling until this is all over, then it's a positive in my eyes as she deserves to be happy
  9. Right. How does Jordan not remember one of the most prominent people of this movement . Freebritney would not be so well backed up if it were not for them and they're digging and knowledge of wtf they are reading!
  10. I don't know when you saw the light but I'm here for it
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