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  1. I wish this man would just die. I don't care what the repercussions are for saying this on here. Just die you old evil seeyounexttuesday and in exchange for your ****ty life, perhaps then your daughter can try and build one for herself again. Putrid old maniac.
  2. I absolutely want her to do an interview. Her last one was in 2018 for the domination residency and although she wasn't ecstatic (for obvious reasons) - she was very much herself and coherent. https://youtu.be/jDKy2WPIZJE
  3. Also bump! I know it isn't absolutely thrilling and somewhat confusing but this does need to be kept in the minds of us all constantly because TSW is on to them and we can't let this be swept under the rug
  4. Well That Surprise Witness has had her Instagram disabled and attempted hacks since her reveals so what does that say about the situation? Somebody or some people are very alarmed by her revelations don't cha think?
  5. She is totally asking for people to read between the lines. She remembers everything...no dementia related illness for her. Nobody asked these questions.
  6. I literally stanned for Meaner and they were pivotal at the beginning in the 2019 revival of freebritney. They came with all the receipts, they were for me THE ONE to go to for the tea. Then all that ridiculous drama started which nearly killed the movement (still hate u all for that) and Meaner was very much active in the drama which took me by surprise. When I called them all out on twitter , meaner basically told me to not follow them if I didn't like it to which I happily obliged. I am not sure what happened with them but was such a let down as at one point the fanbase were pining for Meaners return to the movement after a long hiatus.
  7. I watched this whole video last night. This girl deserves more recognition. She should be getting a huge following. This video is more or less proof that they have stolen all of her fortune. There is no effing way that Britney is worth 60m. 60m is still obscene amounts for anybody to have but that gives no right to these monsters to steal 600m from her (allegedly). I really hope this is picked up on. GET FRAMING BRITNEY PART 2 RELEASED NOW
  8. Billy b is a nightmare. Whether or not he is in contact with Britney, he is an extremely toxic and divisive figure and he knows exactly what he is doing. He's a grown man and behaves like he's in the school playground trying to shame people left and right and thinking he has some kind of hierarchy over everybody because "Britney" speaks to him. Let's face it. A video exists of him doing her make up from 2012 and he's decided that they are close friends because of it. Britney would never call someone bringing awareness to her situation as "crazy" - she's kind and she is grateful. How can court documents be claiming she welcomes the support yet this clown says he's calling us crazy? All of this drama between people who want some kind of badge of honour is really getting on my t.i.t.s. when everybody else is just focused on getting Britney into a safe atmosphere where she can finally be happy. Grow up children
  9. I don't get this notion that 2016 Britney was fine with her situation. She was still incredibly monitored and seemed on edge when being interviewed having to carefully choose her words and all the questions were still screened. She may have had more "freedoms" because she complied with a hectic schedule but all it took was one bit of clear rebellion against her handlers for us to get 2018ney who in my opinion gave 0 *** and rightly so. The POM tour outfits, no caring for how she looked on stage etc was her way of saying she has had enough of being controlled and will sabotage her image as it was the only thing she could control
  10. for context: 2017 when i saw Lutfi commenting on his posts : 2020 summer:
  11. Basically yes. Ive known him for 7 years - we arent CLOSE but i messaged him once i saw Sam commenting on his posts asking how the fuq he knew Sam Lutfi and then when he messaged me months later telling me i was right to warn him ,I got him straight over to my place the same night, fed him plenty of alcohol and he spilled the deets. He said Lutfi is unhinged and as always got way too close for comfort and Lutfi likes feet lol I aint saying all the details are cold hard facts as I have no way of proving such but this guy aint a britney fan and really didnt bring up britney at all - only spoke of his own experiences.
  12. Pennys kid seems to be pro freebritney judging by that tweet he put on about their mum not playing (in reference to Jamie's tactics) . I think with all the public pressure, it will all unravel soon.
  13. no it is not i am still dubious about the ins and outs of the story but they definitely WERE friends before things went sour. history repeat itself over and over with Lutfi it seems
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