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  1. The cover are all wonderfil. Except the original. That oen can suck a ****.
  2. Uncondinionally video is beautiful but i was hoping for Legendary Lover. The song is a bangers. Sadly it wasnt the case
  3. He thinks creating music is like eating a pie? There is a process and it's not as easy as he thinks it is. Artist that records things every years had been working non stop so they can do something like what he wants. He basically wants music to be a full time job where an artist generates content monthly so they could earn their money...
  4. They are for technical categoies noone even cares about
  5. The man got a nom for video of the year
  6. OMFG They didnt nominate DUa Lipa for ANYTHING WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  7. Selena Gomez for sure will be in the list with "Lose you to love me". DUa with Dont Start now even tho i preffer Physicall. But this should be Dua Lipa's years she's been working HARD
  8. I ******* hate how the B team didnt make a DVD of the tour. Probably her biggest one and we dont have an official recording of it. Such a ******* shame
  9. Her artwork had been awfull she should fired whoever did the lame *** photoshop
  10. He probably record demos for het but they never get the greenlight. Blackout is a masterpiece thanks to him. We need him...
  11. And he's looking right at teh camera. He knows they are being filmed.... well. I hope the best for the family.
  12. I do wonder how many people actually paid to watch the #TomorrowlandAtHome I mean. It's clearly a green screen over a set that shows the DJ. The stage is impressive as always. I hope they do something Circus like for Katy Perry's set but i have a feelign it will be a huge clown type stage.
  13. Exile is probably TS best song in years. Im in love with it.
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