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  1. This photoshoot will always be one of her best, I can't believe there are still unseen outakes with the amount of photos from that shoot we got over the years
  2. DW being a best album is not an opinion, it is just a fact. Simple as that.
  3. C'mon guys, in this fanbase we are grown enough to stop making any illusions about a random tweet from a random person saying random ****
  4. **** *****es, don't believe everything you see in a documentary Try to dig deeper and look for facts and you will undertstand how the only creepy thing here is all the people involved in that awful documentary (Wade and the other guy, the producers, HBO, Oprah...) C'mon, in this fanbase we know Wade Robson and we know how he's full of ****, maybe not the new fans but if you are here for a while...
  5. Whatever is going on I don't think we will ever know by Britney, she wants to keep her personal life private more than ever now that she's not popular anymore and the mass media are not interested in her nor her life. She would only speak publicly about the situation if she suddenly felt incapable of going out of all this **** by herself and couldn't find help in friends. Or maybe if she had a very huge meltdown again and tried to rebel.
  6. Yeah, maybe in the beginning but then suddenly started being something so much stronger, the record deals, the press, the fans.... I mean you can fight your mom, but then not the whole world, she really was so good doing what she did because instead of fighting it she used all that energy into rehearse and work till she was the best
  7. I really feel so so sad watching some old interviews when she started to show hints of how uncomfortable she was being famous and how she wanted to be just a normal girl and how she separated Britney "the artist" with Britney "the normal simple person" she always has been
  8. Am I the only one who doesn't want it to chart or sell at all since this is a pathetic way Team B is trying to get atttention and money with 0 effort?? They could at least release a ******* unreleased EP if they wanted those fresh Britcoins
  9. What really amazes me is that the song was a completely flop but that kid dance during a random performance of the song was the real Witness worldwide hit, EVERYBODY knows that stupid dance but no one knows its origin
  10. One of those rich fans wth rooms full of albums with variant editions, merchadising and rare items should buy it and make it a Britney house museum
  11. The basic problem was that Britney didn't give a ******* **** for that album, Will.I.Am wanted to work with Britney SO BAD after Scream & Shout success and somehow Britney was ok with that and didn't fight for her vision because... well, how many times worked that for her in the past? (specially right after 2010 breakdown and Femme Fatale) A Britney Jean album with Dr Luke could have been awesome, it shouldn't have been an EDM album: Unconditionally, Legendary Lovers, Ghost, Love Me (that wasn't Dr Luke's, I think it was from Bloodshy but whatever) those Prism songs would make Britney Jean cohesive along with Perfume, Alien, Passenger, Hold On Tight and Brighest Morning Star, that would be the personal slow album we deserve
  12. What is doing her team lately allowing this for months??' Most videos on YouTube get banned in minutes and in this case there are more people involved and maybe even another discography (since I don't know if Pitbull and Marc Anthony are under the same) They must be busy thinking about their next movement
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