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  1. Her dad is likely the reason for perfume being altered and for make me 1.0 being incomplete and scrapped. you can almost bet he encouraged watered down choreography so that they could milk everything without injury risk
  2. How dare you insult the @Slayer when you’re the @Buffybot... she’s you!
  3. Because she was trying to do a story, hit the wrong buttons and then said “we’re live now..”
  4. She NEVER needs to explain herself to anyone
  5. All she needs is proper vocal training. She’s straining to speak higher and to sing the way she does. Training can help her get some of it back and there’s a vocal coach out there that recently explained that too
  6. It might not be the first demo but it’s a demo. It’s the same vocalist as the backgrounds in Britney’s final record
  7. Actually if you look at everyone you’ll see that every person has some sort of glow/outline but everyone was there and they probably all got edited but Britney is the only one over edited lol if you look at her in Jamie Lynn’s documentary from a couple years ago they did it to her again. Removing the lines under her eyes and just making her look fake af lol
  8. She was there. They took multiple photos . She is just overly photoshopped and I think her head was swapped for a “better” expression.
  9. Anyone giving him hate is stupid. Every formerly fat person who is joe fit or skinny always talks about how bad they used to look. It has nothing to do with any other people who happen to be overweight. Coming from someone who is not ripped with a six pack and could stand to lose 20 or more pounds, GET OVER IT
  10. Can you **** music? NO... so the answer to the question is NO
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