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  1. i have all of them except for Prerogative EGO
  2. same! ive gotten ones from evanescence, iggy azalea, troye sivan and now the gaga ones. super cheap compared to trying to buy them from ebay or the like kinda wanted chers when she did it but missed out. oh well. i hated when the britney store would do that first 25 signed tshirt mess causing the site to crash and i always missed out on it
  3. so im sure a lot of you are aware, that gaga has signed cds and posters available that constantly re-stock my question is, why hasnt britney really had signed things like this? i do remember at a time she was doing things where the first 25 were signed, but gaga is doing THOUSANDS. would anyone actually like signed merchandise from her and if so, what kind of things would you want her shop to stock that are signed? i know a lot of yall are against buying stuff due to her situation, but lets pretend that she isnt under a conservatorship for this question.
  4. thats the necklace that astronaut boy gave her. she made it into a ring. not a mood ring. it is what it is.
  5. the neon bathroom could kinda be the "britney jean" room lmao
  6. they have her "till the world ends" red outfit on display...so something from femme fatale they have a whole "work *****" collection with a lot of work out stuff such as yoga mats ..etc. they have some glory merch. so they may not be rooms but at least they have stuff related to them.
  7. I enjoyed it when I was there. Lots of things to look at.
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