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    I WANT TO HAVE HIS BABIES :sobbing: and I don't even care I don't have an uterus!

    @Zayn Malik @Trance @Britneybbhmm @Richie @If U Seek Me @BrittonJeanSpears @SexyJeans

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    2. Larry Stylinson

      Larry Stylinson


      I AM DYING! OMG! :orangu2: 

    3. Larry Stylinson

      Larry Stylinson

      TEEN WOLF is an MTV series from 2011 :scalped: it has featured PLENTY of hot baes!

      gay & str8! :cooltshirt: Dylan O'Brien, Dylan Sprayberry, Colton Haynes, Tyler Hoecklin, Ian Bohen, Daniel Sharman, to name a few :receipts1:

      This year we'll have the final season :sobbing: cuz let's face it, the plot has been fucked up so many times by the mess of Jeff Davis and his gay nonsenses :thetea: 

    4. Larry Stylinson

      Larry Stylinson

      Out Superman boy left two seasons ago :sobbing: and we alll die right there 

      but he went off in a good moment tho, the show went downhill from there :unbothered:

      my husband Dylan o'brien is slaying souls in underrated Maze Runner saga :scalped: