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  1. 5 hours ago, LostInAnImage said:

    It’s obvious she has nearly crippling social anxiety; it’s clear from her M&G’s and interviews as well (no one bares their teeth into that kind of “smile” or wrings their hands constantly just because they’re lazy or to “troll fans” or something else ridiculous). And when she gets on stage, what used to be adrenaline-inducing stress hormones have morphed into nearly paralyzing stage fright, that she combats with a few go-to “moves,” which are actually nervous tics. Surges in cortisol (the stress hormone) further cause onset of memory loss, which is why she forgets what she’s doing up there half the time.

    You can see this all demonstrated perfectly in her BBMA 2016 medley—she started off incredibly nervous, awkward, stiff, and indistiguishable from how she performs most nights on the POM stage. However, when she began the “Womanizer” breakdown, the crowd went crazy, and the positive feedback fed her a surge of transient confidence and adrenaline, thereby overriding her conscious thoughts, which are fueled by negative self-evaluation, overthinking and rumination. Then she was able to ride that wave for the next few minutes, and relied on listening to her body rather than her mind. Hence the great performance we received. 

    While fans still talk about her conservatorship constantly, they seem to forget the implications: she suffers from severe mental illness and requires an array of assistance (personal, financial, medicinal, etc) to execute activities of simple daily living. Unfortunately for her, “activities of daily living” happen to consist of performing in front of the entire world. 

    That’s why it has nothing to do with the choreographer as some are suggesting; are people conveniently forgetting the MM original choreography she posted on IG? That was with Charm LaDonna, and was on par with what she’s doing here. It’s not about the choreographer, the choreography, her knees, the shoes or anything else—it’s mental and emotional, and until that is controlled by medicine and therapy, we will continue to get a glimpse of her former greatness whenever she feels safe and unjudged, and nothing but the status quo of the last decade the remainder of the time.

    ETA: Yes, sometimes she does perform well in front of an actual audience and has great M&G’s or interviews, but that’s because mental illness is a daily, constant struggle. No two days are the same. Sometimes the anxiety and mood swings are overwhelming, while other times they’re suppressed. She even confirmed this herself in FTR:


    She isn’t the most articulate person in the world, but she was attempting to let her fans know, in her own words, what she experiences and the subsequent results (I.e., extreme inconsistency in level of skill and/or interest) we will collectively witness.


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  2. 24 minutes ago, STJ said:

    idk why men (including str8s and gays) are so conscious about  labels... like they wouldn't touch/buy a product if it says it's for female... lol :mcorangu: whereas women would buy men's stuff without a hesitation if they like it (and it's not because they're tomboys). 

    if you like the smell of the perfume, buy it, the labels don't matter. 




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  3. 7 hours ago, ChrissyLeggs said:

    Pop Crave on Twitter are claiming Britneys Manager confirmed in Vogue magazine that she's releasing new music on June 29th. I don't know how reliable they are if even but it's "News" I suppose. Twitter @poporave. Thoughts??


    POPORAVE? Plz.

  4. 1 minute ago, John0164 said:

    What’s that? I want danja, Pharrell and bloodshy to make a blackout part 2.

    Let Danja and Pharrell flop with JT, please.

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  5. 5 hours ago, Goku said:

    Ok, this thread can become a mess like my entire account, BUT.. :whitney:

    Have you noticed how Mr. Gym and Britney are exactly like Daddy and Son from gay couples? :imok:

    You know what I'm talking about... gay boys with daddy issues like me, who wants money an older man to f**k



    1) Britney is 35 but looks 60 50 45. 



    2) She's fucking rich. attention to the details sistresss



    3) She treats him like a son, she's protective and mommy around him. he's the bottom of the couple



    4) britney is very masculine like a daddy

    sam is secretly gay but he prefer older woman with the body of a man



    5) maybe she use a fake d*ck for sex to f**k him, that's why he's so happy



    6) they have both weird pointy noses and he likes that in women apparently



    So, she's rich, older, mummy and masculine. 100% match.

    Is that a Mummy Issues? 



    Are you on drugs?