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  1. Politik

    Old Navy Ad

    I saw it last night too while I was watching American Dad on Hulu.
  2. I ******* LIVE for Thalia. Did you see how they’re comparing Brit and Thalia for their TikTok videos? We need to make a thread where we compare their careers, I’ve always thought they were very similar!
  3. The fact that he said it’s up to the court to decide what’s best for Britney is disturbing! No court should be deciding for her. If she’s as sick and unstable as they claim, then get her help!
  4. If she will never be free then she must never release music or tour ever again because if she’s as sick as they claim to be, she needs to stay safe at home.
  5. In Latin media she is being compared to Thalia and I am living for it.
  6. I signed it yesterday and was surprised Exhale hadn’t reported it yet. I stand behind this 1000%. This is the change America needs.
  7. Will.i.am had commented on the original video thanking her and saying he misses her. Now it’s gone.
  8. Wow! He is beyond trash. Too bad Bernie just dropped out and he’ll be in office for another 4 years. BTW, waiting for you to STAN this bop on the main page.
  9. It’s crazy what people will do just to gain a “Hollywood connection” or stay in some circle. I’m sure Jordan feels all high and mighty because some Z-List “celebrity” reached out to him to promote a flop *** song that will go no where. Pathetic, really!
  10. The media is starting to mention Britney in all of this! https://popculture.com/celebrity-couples/amp/2019/11/24/britney-spears-fans-going-justin-timberlake-alisha-wainwright-photos/
  11. Is this a full circle moment for us Brit fans? Rumors say he’s cheating on Jessica. Makes Cry Me a River a hypocrite song. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/entertainment/justin-timberlake-alisha-wainwright-holds-hands-new-orleans-bar.amp
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