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  1. I’m not, been on exhale since 07 lol i just come here to see if there are new candids or anything music related
  2. Don’t hate me for this but who is she? I’ve always seen you guys mention her but never really paid attention
  3. Would’ve been better if she actually said that caption instead of writing it.
  4. I have the link to the untagged version. PM me and ill send it
  5. I have the untagged version, PM me and ill send u the link
  6. I have the HD untagged version of this video. Send me a PM.
  7. message me. I don't see the option on your page to send you a PM
  8. guys some of you won't allow me to send a message. This is why im asking you to message me.
  9. I have the link if anyone wants it. PM me and ill send it.
  10. I have the link for the untagged version. PM me.
  11. I have the link for the untagged version. PM me and I will send it to you
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