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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7030347/Kevin-Federline-wants-ex-Britney-Spears-gains-granting-time-two-sons.html
  2. Isn’t it obvious that the medication she’s been put on is strongly effecting her coordination and rythm when dancing? That’s why she’s always off beat etc.
  3. That’s if Britney still wants to work as a recording artist when her contract with RCA expires. She might want to retire. Let’s be real here.
  4. So Backstreet Boys just released their 9th studio album 25 years into their career and gonna debut at #1. So should Britney do this with her next release?? discuss.
  5. She’s a grown woman and you and your sister thinks it’s because she’s hiding her pregnancy??? I mean cmon.
  6. Definitely “It Should Be Easy” and “Chillin with You”. Shockingly horrible.
  7. Or did she have a makeup artist do it? Because why did her makeup look kinda flawless? No panda eyes at all
  8. Fantasy So she can release 10 more fantasy fragrances
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