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  1. It was obvious that those lines were rehearsed and that was not really her.. she wasn’t being authentic in the promo. And they promoted her being the rude one. Everybody was hating on her that she’s judging a singing competition but she can’t sing (so stupid. The show was about the X Factor - and if Britney didn’t have the X factor I don’t know who did then) anyway they finally figured out that Britney was having a hard time and was very bad and adding nothing to the show. So they swapped seats that Demi sits next to Simon as it was better TV. most people tuned in to see if Britney goes crazy, but they were disappointed not seeing a meltdown. its sad that nobody thinks she’s talented
  2. I’ve sent her few messages over the years. I don’t know what happened on 23 Nov 2015. I told her she’s strong and an inspiration for millions. This March I think she was asking for a challenge or something for corona. I challenged her to sing on her insta without any filter 😂
  3. I remember them horse riding and Britney constantly looking to Sam instead of enjoying the horse ride
  4. this still looks better than a lot of performances since then. e.g. 2011 promo performances and ridiculous kneetapping
  5. It should be in the official documents stating a petition from her to end it. There was never a petition filled. I think that she’s been gaslit about her rights and she doesn’t know about this
  6. I don’t understand why there has never been a petition to end the Cship
  7. it was during the time her team played the media to report bull**** about her and "incedentally" catch her in bad situations ( her behind the steering wheel with a phone etc.) Theres no other explanation on how suddenly there were this many reports from one week to the other.
  8. Imagine 😂 or her walking left and right and left and right again. but haven't order to show cause Meetings been done on a regular basis?
  9. remember the last time she went... hell broke loose and she got called crazy for taking off her shoes after court. like wtf?
  10. on the one hand I hope you're right and our girl is in there somewhere and not the insecure scattered Britney they're trying to portray. on the other hand I am scared if true, how she is really doing and Hope it's just her not complying anymore rather than being locked up again or something..
  11. she unfortunately is only either promoting new people related to her management or working with their producers. since the Conservatorship there's nothing organic about her work, it's all planned by her handlers to get new artists out the ground and to get exposure or work associates
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