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  1. 7 hours ago, Million Billion said:

    NO, the Stronger performance of the DWAD is super boring, not bad but really boring, and that outfit as well as Anticipating, looked like something Cunty childish Purry would perform these days :squintney:

    ... and I guess there must be other not so good performances but the difference is that we didn't have smartphones and social media to post this type of material as easy as now, so we used to see only the professional shoots and we thought it was always like that. Now with HD cameras and tools like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and so on we can easily follow every step of a tour without missing any detail, it was impossible back then. The OHT in Miami for example, at the end (the credits) you can see different dates of that tour and she doesn't look as good as the official one


    she wasnt obviously slaying every single dwad date like she did for the special, she even half asses slave on the special

    now we can post footage of EVERY show she does and obviously sometimes she slay and sometimes she isnt feeling it and thats human and perfectly fine

  2. 1 hour ago, HotAsIce.ve said:

    I love this from the FFT the prerecorded vocals. I mean it's to much work do this for POM and her performances of Glory? Seriously? 

    Plus! Looking again the Stage of the FFT (American Leg) god that shit looks expensive (not like POM) 

    so the dissing has begun lmao

    first we dissed circus tour

    then fft came and suddenly circus tour was glorious 

    then vegas came and at first you were all happy and now you all are starting to diss it and praise fft lol 

    its a cycle that only exists within the britney army

  3. im almost sure that people buy tickets at the ticket booth and ga seats are available but im not sure, both of the times i have gone to vegas i bought the tickets online but the last time i went i wanted to go to another show and i asked on the ticket booth and they had ga tickets available even tho it said they didnt have them when i checked earlier online

  4. 32 minutes ago, timito said:

    I still can't imagine that Britney just cheated on Justin like that. Too bad we would never know exactly what happened. 

    well justin and brit had very busy schedules and they basically didnt see each other at all and she was working with wade probably every day of the week or at least most of it so if there was any slight attraction between them (lbr wade was hot ) its not difficult to believe something happened at some point


  5. i mean 

    they are just different, i personally dont like beyonce and i think that the reason why she doesnt really have any iconic performances is because she does too much in all of her performance, lately, they all last like 15 min and she just talks too much and sings a lot of songs that people dont know and there is too much going on, dont get me wrong, her production is flawless, her looks are great and very polished but it gets lost in between everything going on

    and britney usually goes on stage and does what she has to do and just gets done with it, even in her prime, that is why i prefer the bbma britney performance than the beyonce vma or grammy performance cause i geniunely try to watch but i end up muting the tv and doing other stuff on the kitchen or at the computer

    that is my opinion but if you think about it beyonce doesnt really have any iconic performances, she has iconic videos and her iconic superbowl performance but other than that she doesnt have anything

    i think she is at the verge of being overexposed, she should take some time away, now that she is pregnant would be the perfect time but she still went on and performed a medley with unknown songs on the grammys, idk if she is being forced or if she just loves attention and being out there 

    same with her albums, i rarely listen to any of her songs and it doesnt seem like its getting the iconic sons treatment cause she releases a video for every song on her albums so for example, if i like track number 4 and its video more than the first single im not gonna focus on the first single so it gets lost among the rest and that is why whenever she releases music it gets talked about a few days but then nothing

    the only new songs i know from her are partition, formation, that surfboard surfboard song and that yonce mouth like liquor song if she sings something else then i dont know it 


  6. 1 minute ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    She gets hate because she actually did her job, she helped Britney keep it together.

    Remember when Britney was biting her fingernails from anxiety and Brett took her hand away?

    yes i thought it was because of that and because of that time she woke her up from her nap or told her she had that dress in every color in the store

    but yeah she was just doing her job and also acting like a normal friend 


  7. she could experiment but still try to get a hit cause honestly she needs one at this point

    the problem with britney is that usually she hops on trends that are dated, glory was a great record but it was inspired by what Selena gomez had released a year earlier, and used some of the writers that had worked on justin bieber's hits from a year earlier as well, it was a great record but honestly she should also do what she does best and release some uptempo music, for example, make me wasnt the right song to come back to the vmas stage after 9 years of being absent from it, people were expecting a performance with lots of dancing and just a bigger show but she gave us the complete opposite, i still loved the performance BUT it wasnt the performance that she needed to do for the vmas and that is why it gets undeserved hate from the public and from some of her fans even tho it honestly was a good perfromance 

  8. i have always said that if she had spoken about her issues back in circus era she would have gained respect and be a little bit more understood by the public and that would have made the gp more aware that she overcame those issues, not knowing what really happened makes a huge percent of the public still think she is crazy and that she never recovered when in reality she has been the most well behaved star in the last decade, they have no idea that she was overwhelmed with the fame and all the people and issues surrounding her and they just think she went crazy for no reason

    for the record was a bunch of vague answers that werent completely honest, it was a good documentary cause we saw her comeback but it never really told us what had really happened 


    there is really no point in doing it now, i mean, it would benefit her but that was ten years ago, i do hope that one day she makes a honest interview with oprah or someone like that and that she just speaks freely and honest

  9. 3 hours ago, 3isacharm said:

    how you explain this?



    those are the same extensions

    she had longer extensions before the vmas and she probably chopped them off the same day of the vmas




    these pics were the same day of the vmas, she partied until 4 am at the treasure island 


  10. 58 minutes ago, thebestsamuel said:

    I think we all know she can dance her ass off if she wanted to. I remember her saying that she absolutely loves dancing in her old Ellen interview. She used to make up her own choreography to (Piece of Me bathroom scene). Does she not have any control over the Piece of Me show? The Stronger choreography is awful

    i mean the choreos she does arent any better, the pom choreo isnt even real choreo, the mannequin choreo from the circus tour was way worse than the other one she did, the pom performance from fft was also freestyle and she did nothing great

    she just needs choreographers who are committed, the guys who did pom were great, they did wb and break the ice but idk what happened with the rest of the performances, maybe britney doesnt want to learn complex choreo and she learns one or two choreos and then prefers easier choreo but we will never know

    she should bring wade or brian back, the hiam choreo was decent but they watered it down for britney yet she still made it look good most of the times but rn she is dancing better than back then so she should try