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  1. To the conspiracy people: **** off with that ****. Like, grow up. Conspiracy theories don't help her get out of the conservatorship. Conspiracy theories are making the britney army look batsh*t crazy, and doesn't help credibility with the media. If you want to help queen b, cut ? that ? **** ? out ?
  2. Bumping this information because it contains FACTS that we need to use: Shoutouts to @land @Applejack @HarajukuGyal -- thank you for your helpful posts and info Google Drive Folder Good timeline here
  3. Hey fam, please chill out with the conspiracy theories. We need to focus getting her out of the conservatorship. She does look puffier but that’s consistent with a change in medication. If the #BritneyArmy wants to win this, we need to focus on facts. Like those court filings we pulled up last night. Britney has made court filings this year to get out of her conservatorship. Let’s focus on that and the filings she’s made in the past about how the conservatorship is abusive and taking advantage of her. Look at research about guardianship abuse. Again, to win these we need to focus on facts. Instead of wasting time on conspiracy theories, illuminati crap, “body doubles” and **** like “the video was shot months ago! I can tell from the triangle in her hairline and the different eye makeup!” - cut that **** out. It’s not helping her and it’s not helping the case. It just makes us look batsh*t crazy. If we want to be taken seriously we need to:
  4. Did you make that??? If yes, I ******* love you. Thanks for having an actual brain
  5. Lol. They have professional PR people. You really think I'm the first one that thought of it? Puh-lease. The army has no one to blame but ourselves. We got carried away with conspiracy theories instead of making a strong argument based on facts. The fact is that she's been in a conservatorship for a decade and it needs to end. Conservatorships are not meant for this. It's manipulative and inappropriate.
  6. I LITERALLY said this exact thing was going to happen. See receipt below. I seriously can't with the children on here. The focus needed to be on the conservatorship which is the only thing we could back up with FACTS.
  7. I LOVE it. So real. You can tell they were planning to actually film scenes of her to replace the scenes from the movie - that was just there to illustrate the concept. Would love to have seen more real and creative stuff like this from her. This is artistry.
  8. I need to stay focused on ending the conservatorship. We need to focus on facts. We don't know how reliable the voicemail source is from the podcast. What we do know is that she's still under conservatorship after more than 10 years, and it needs to end or at least be reevaluated.
  9. Hey #BritneyArmy, if this is a battle we're going to fight we have to be smart and stay one step ahead. Her team has lawyers, PR people, and a lot of money behind them. If they post a video of her at the facility being like "hey guys thank you so much for your concern, I'm fine" that could stop #FreeBritney very quickly. She might not know about #freebritney and what's actually happening on the internet if they've cut her off from access to electronics and social media (that happens in treatment facilities). They could so easily lie to her and ask her to record a quick video for her fans to tell them she's ok. And that could kill this effort to end the conservatorship. What's the plan. Discuss.
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