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  1. I strongly recommend you all take a break from listening to Glory for like a week or two (don't worry, I continued to stream it with my computer's sound off most of the time). I took a week off to listen to some Charli XCX, Allie X, Frank Ocean, Banks, etc and give myself a little break from the slayage that is Glory. Coming back to it after a break feels so GOOD. This album is undoubtedly fantastic, and when compared to the rest of the music out there right now, it really excels. I would strongly recommend taking a little break, especially if you feel yourself complaining about any facet of the album. It's honestly flawless. Enjoy the almost brand new, glorious experience when you come back to it.
  2. You should all do this then PM me the song. I bought the album 3 times already + signed up for Apple music + Spotify. I can't justify doing all of this for the song, but I wanna add it to my bible.....
  3. Can someone please PM a HQ version of the song? I wanna add it to my bible.
  4. I listened to it several times and I really don't believe so. It would TECHNICALLY make more sense for it to be "Mon amour", which is why I think most people are just assuming that. Listening to Britney sing it over and over, she's just repeating the first part, which is not uncommon in pop or for Britney. I really think it's just a repetition. So it's actually: Fais moi l'amour (Make love to me) Moi l'amour (Love to me) It's pretty obvious in some parts for true French speakers that she's not saying the word "Mon" which sounds like the English word "Moan", but rather she is saying the word "Moi" which sounds like "Muah" in English
  5. Hey all, Not sure if AP, but I really just wanted to provide you with some comprehensive lyrics for one of the most "artsy-fartsy" and flawless songs on Glory. I went to purely French school for most of my life, so I figure I might be able to shed some light on what she's really talking about. I've seen these threads made already, but most kind of miss the mark or are generally clueless (shaaaaaade). I'm going to post the lyrics in French (with a direct English translation, just like this). Song: Coupure Électrique J'oublie le monde (I forget the world) Quand tu fais (When you make) Fais moi l'amour (Make love to me) Moi l'amour (Love to me) J'oublie le monde (I forget the world) Quand tu fais (When you make) Fais moi l'amour (Make love to me) Moi l'amour (Love to me) Comme une coupure électrique (Like a blackout) J'oublie le monde (I forget the world) Quand tu fais (When you make) Fais moi l'amour (Make love to me) Moi l'amour (Love to me) * Instrument Break* Moi l'amour (Love to me) * Instrumental Break* Un moment qu'avec toi (A moment but with you) - Meaning a moment JUST with you Dans le noir (In the dark) Un moment avec toi (A moment with you) - Meaning a moment WITH you Dans le noir (In the dark) Comme une coupure électrique (Like a blackout) T'es la lumière (You are the light) T'es la lumière (You are the light) J'oublie le monde (I forget the world) Quand tu fais (When you make) Fais moi l'amour (Make love to me) Moi l'amour (Love to me) J'oublie le monde (I forget the world) Quand tu fais (When you make) Fais moi l'amour (Make love to me) Moi l'amour (Love to me) Comme une coupure électrique (Like a blackout) J'oublie le monde (I forget the world) Quand tu fais (When you make) Fais moi l'amour (Make love to me) Moi l'amour (Love to me) You can literally copy-paste this into Itunes because I spell-checked it and added in all the little nuisances that most people aren't aware of (Example: Un moment qu'avec toi THEN Un moment avec toi INSTEAD of Un moment avec toi x2) Hope you all enjoy the song!
  6. These are great so far! Thank you all! YOU get a reputation, YOU get a reputation, you ALL get reputations!
  7. Hi guys! I'm sure this has been done before, but rather than search through the depths of exhell, I thought it might be worth doing again. I really need better cover art for Glory. I thought I could stick it out, but the art makes me cringe whenever I'm jamming along to the album of the century. I figure this thread can also work as a collection for people to browse through. Post your best created or found HQ Glory Album Artwork? :D Thanks to anyone who posts~!
  8. Ok so like...... I'd be happy if she released a 1 song album and this was it. I'm so satisfied with this album and era already. I wouldn't even care if the rest were fillers and we KNOW they're not. GAHHHHHHH
  9. My boyfriend is realllllllll picky and even he lit up and couldn't help but love it. **** ME this song is so good.
  10. Soooo, that's actually a good point! The only thing I found strange is that when I received the email, it automatically tied it into the other email that I had received to confirm the order. Almost as if I was CC'd or they were forwarded the confirmation, then they reached out to me.
  11. I live in Canada... like I've NEVER had a billing issue like they are detailing
  12. Like, I have no doubt that ARACA is handling the merch, it's just that literally anyone can have the email address I received that from. I also feel like maybe one of their employees is forwarding the confirmations to himself then reaching out externally to try and scam people
  13. Let me start this off by saying that I work in online customer service where I deal with people's payments and credit cards. I know many of you will be ordering the vinyl, so this is just a warning because I'm hella worried for y'all. I'm like 99% sure someone is attempting to spam me through the Britney Spears store. I purchased the vinyl through the official website (YASSS), received confirmation from the "[email protected]" email, etc. All seems fine. THEN I receive a random email from "[email protected]" (sketchy as **** email address btw) which states the following: Thank you for your recent order. Unfortunately there is an issue and your order has been flagged. The payment information you supplied with your order seems to have an error. We will need to get in contact with you before the order can be processed. In addition, we are unable to reserve stock for your order. A prompt response will increase the likelihood of fulfillment of your order. If we do not hear back from you within 48 hours, we will have to cancel your order. Regards, OK so FINE, I get a little worried cuz I want dat vinyl, so I ask what they need from me to make sure it goes through. I check my credit card, it's fine, etc. They don't answer for like 2 days so I ask them again to confirm if it went through or not. Then I get this: The issue lies in the fact that there are people who are trying to commit credit card fraud on our website. We are trying to do our best to protect our customers like yourself, as well as protecting the company. In an effort to protect all parties involved, we have tightened our security protocols for all of our orders. Another aspect is that some foreign banks (outside of the United States), do not adhere to the same security protocols that we have in here in the United States. Some of these international transaction, consequently getting flagged. We usually can overcome this situation with the customer verifying certain information. Should you be willing to provide the necessary information, we should be able to remedy this situation. All we need from you is to verify the name on the card, complete billing address, the last four digits of the credit card used for the transaction (last four digits ONLY), the expiration and CV# on the back. If you are comfortable moving forward, please provide the above information. Should you not be willing to share the above information needed to move forward, we will unfortunately have to cancel your order. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask! So just to inform y'all (even though it's common sense), all of this info should never be sent out over the internet. Companies can ask you for a FEW of these things like "the last 4 digits + expiration" etc, but not ALL of them at once. They also should never be asking for the code on the back. It's pretty smart of them to spin it off as being like they are the ones trying to avoid fraud. What worries me is that this email came linked to the original confirmation email which is like 99% legitimate. I almost feel like someone who works on the inside is attempting to steal card info by gaining access to their emails. PLEASE don't fall for this, at least without asking a ton of questions first. BE CAREFUL GIRLS!!!!!! (I emailed the orginal "orders" team about this, will post updates if I get any)
  14. No I get that part, It's just that this video will need to be somewhat standalone. So they're making it look like the auditions are at that time. I just mean they keep putting that date right in our face as in like hinting to us to watch for that time.
  15. GUYS! Isn't the lace outfit at the end of the "new"video from the Behind The Scenes videos from that news outlet?
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