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  1. On FYI. It's from 2007 but omg it's so surreal!!
  2. This is not a post being used to talk DOWN on Britney's choices in using fillers, or whatever it may be that she has used... it is more of a honest question to the fans on why you think she thought she needed them. I respect whole heartedly in Britney's decision and any persons decision in doing procedures. It is not anyones place to judge. And i think Britney is still to this day in the top 10% of the most beautful people. But from what i've gathered, women will fill lips because, well they don't have very big lips. But i always felt Britney had amazing lips. The only thing i can think of is just the pressure of having millions of people scrutinizing your looks, can have a negative affect on how you view your own looks. NOWWWWW if you want to get smart or bitchy with your responses, just move it along. This is a britney spears forum and it is free to speak on any subject, and i think i was very respectful in my presentation of the question, i just want to hear other opinions.
  3. why would this go viral? it's not even funny..
  4. yet another example of a lost opportunity on Team B's side....
  5. i heard slumber party on the radio three weeks ago. slay. http://i.giphy.com/l0MYNIsJp46QZZoYM.gif
  6. BETTER This Era would of gone a whole differently... In my opinion. Most of my friends are very 'GP' (they'd kill me if they heard me say that lol) BUT, they STAN for better, oh and second single should of be NO SEAS CORTES and 3rd, JUST LUV ME I'm telling you, in a parallel universe, Britney is slaying the radio game with these singles and proper video treatments
  7. lol i would tell britney something if i was tinashe, i know she's a stan but she can say it in a super funny and cute way. BUT her team OBVIOUSLY should be taking care of **** like that so people don't think homegirl is a ***** who forgets her co workers name, like come on! lol
  8. I was browsing Britney videos on youtube and i stumbled upon this one, it is sort of a compilation of her hectic year and it really just shows light on how insane life was for her. It breaks my heart, because the paparazzi and the media ARE 100% to blame for making her life into hell. She could not even buy gum in peace! How could any human being get through this, she is truly one of the most strongest people in the world, just wish she would of received the same respect as kanye west( who is gross, rude, and full of himself) while britney who is (sweet, polite and humble as can be) was treated like a show. NEVER FORGET
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