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  1. If a video has a watermark on it doesn't mean it was the leaker. I can own the video and I don't want anyone to fnd out it was me. Would I put my name on it? Knowing I can be in trouble for that? I'd rather put your name on it, don't you think?
  2. You know nothing. This is all solved lol
  3. I think he was in the team of editing the video and he had the final version, maybe he was selling it and "the guy tagged Michael" didn't want it to be out, so maybe for legal issues he wants (brad) to not be involved in what he created.
  4. Actually it does makes sense. Why would anyone put their name in the video knowing this couldnt be leak? Seems like that Brad Low wants to damage the guy tagged in the video for some reason. That's bad.. Imma bash him on his instagram, he aint even seem like a fan LOL
  5. So I just opened my youtube and this was the first recommendation that showed up. Take it just for fun and not serious as I did . If you don't speak spanish I tried auto english subtitles and it works for understanding.
  6. Normally, with mental issues, you'll have to take meds for life. Mostly after breakdowns comes heavy medication (for example a much high dosis of it) and it becomes lower as time and health progress. It's possible to discontinue for a period of time, but as I said, it's pretty much for life to avoid another breakdown.
  7. It was definetely meds. I think Britney have had at least 2-3 breakdowns. You don't have idea on how these types of meds can mess with you. It literally can change your face and personality. And we all know what's been going on in brit life since 2006. So I'm 101% sure this is about meds. This can give you hard times in your energy, social skills, weight, etc. The thing it's hard for me to understand is that after all whats britney's been trough, she still delivers. And work. And have a normal life. And I don't think it'll change (the mental issues) ever, cause those issues never go away. It can be controled yes, with medication, but that's it.
  8. It is what it is... An album filler And it's just fine like that
  9. This is not even valid. You mean one artist needs to be or stay the same all the time? that's why most artist flop after a while This makes no sense. Why would you like your idol stay the same as 20 years when she can expand her work in better ways. You wrong sis
  10. Why the negativity tho? Am I saying this is something that would happen? Maybe it can, we don't know for sure if she wants to do it in the future and so be it! Most of the songs are not really that hard to sing to be honest, she doesn't sing live but we know she can, it's a possibility unless she is retiring. Who would't love a Britney unplugged
  11. Since I've been thinking Britney needs to step it up, the way she could do it in a new world where dancing and performing is not enough but the look and the voice would be an UNPLUGGED LIVE, with not so hard songs to sing and a good setlist of her biggest hits. A max of 10 where she can deliver what's missing in her career. My setlist would be: 1. Baby One More Time 2. Oop I did it again 3. Lucky 4. Sometimes 5. Toxic 6. Womanizer 7. Everytime 8. Don't let me be the last to know 9. Break the Ice 10. NEW SINGLE Bonus for DVD/Bluray 11. What you Need 12. Radar What's yours?
  12. Cinderella Hold it against Me Unusual you Toxic Slave 4 U
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