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  1. After the EW skit we got with Jimmy Fallon, I was a bit nostalgic and watching all those SNL skits she did back in the day. Then, I re-discovered this one that cracks me up I can't remember the full thing, does anyone have a link for the full video? I couldn't find it on youtube..
  2. Sunday mood expectation : :slayney:

    Sunday mood reality :  :meltdown:

    1. iAlwaysSingLive

      with life in general :unbothered:


  3. I think there will be a collab, they will probably release it on June or July, idk this is just something I believe... I think it would do OK
  4. ahahaha Hope it's true tho.. Uçakla atlar giderim ya, Bakü'yü ve Azerbaycan'ı da görmüş olurum
  5. January 5th was my birthday as well Yaaaas Queen
  6. Omg I wanna ask you something.. Behind trump towers, is that a nice neighborhood? Cuz I live a bit far from the central Istanbul and wanna rent a place so I've been thinking about that area, it seems prices are reasonable and the area is pretty close to good locations.
  7. Omg that might be true My office building is just next to the Gayrettepe metro station. Do you know that underground passage to the metro and Zorlu Center, I use it everyday..
  8. Turkish guys can be so thoughtful however there are lots of jerks as well. It seem your guy is a cute one
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