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  1. I did? Epic fail 🤯 sorry I usually don’t make my own posts!
  2. I thought it was funny ☺️
  3. I literally thought Gaga said “I’d rather be drunk but at least I’m a live” and just found out she says “I’d rather be dry but at least I’m a live” 😭💀🤣
  4. OMG me too. Didn’t even notice until you pointed it out 😭
  5. Oh I didn’t know he was also your manager. Now it’s making even more sense.
  6. Why go through all the hassle of going to court to appoint a new conservator. That’s costly and can take time. It would just be best to wait for Jamie to recover and not stress him out when he’s already going through so much. But I see what you’re saying.
  7. They can’t make her go on stage but without her dad being there to make legal decisions Britney really had no choice but to postpone the show. I’m sure things came up that required her dads approval and he wasn’t there cause he was going through serious health issues. I’m sure with or with out the conservatorship Britney would still decided to be with her family at this time.
  8. I would hope! I mean Britney’s pretty professional but with her father in the hospital maybe it was hard for her to find time to rehearse.
  9. We aren’t picking it apart. I think Britney should be there for her father, especially cause he was there for her and especially when he’s her conservator and she can’t make any major decisions without him.
  10. His absence has an impact. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Prayers to him and Britney’s family.
  11. I think that her wanting to be there for her father is amazing and all and it’s enough for me. I’m just frustrated cause a lot of articles I’m reading constantly reference to poor ticket sales being the reason... so my mind became curious and a night of drinks made me ponder this topic is all. I love Britney and support her. I already had purchased tickets to opening night and already bought tickets to see her last residency show in August. I’m no hater.
  12. I wish that others would notice this aspect and reference this than reference poor ticket sales. I feel like people just want to make it seem like Britney’s show was flopping, I mean not to sound delusional cause I know ticket sales weren’t amazing I just think lack of ticket sales alone wasn’t enough to end or postpone the show.
  13. Could it be possible that Britney has to postpone the residency cause her dad isn’t there to make decisions for her since he’s in the hospital and not in a good state to make decisions for her? I just thought of this last night and it made me curious to see what others thought...
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