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  1. MTE. When I read that comment with so many likes I wanted to kill myself
  2. I know she’s going through the process of her conservatorship and that her personal life must be very stressing these days. I don’t want another song until she’s 100% free. But is she ever going to be free? Is she ever coming back even if she’s free? I’m so afraid of never listening to a new song from her. She’ll be forever my favorite artist and it saddens me that I can’t enjoy her voice and talent more because of this whole thing. Free Britney all the way. I just hope she’ll surprise us with an album one day... #FreeBritney
  3. ''A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom'' the book that she's reading. https://www.amazon.com.br/Four-Agreements-Practical-Personal-Freedom/dp/1878424319
  4. Jordan knew what he was doing when he did this thread. Also, **** you Perez Hilton. Die.
  5. The forum doesn’t need this kind of thread and this kind of energy here. @breatheheavy can you do something?
  6. This thread was soooooo powerful in April/May. Honestly iconic. I get chills just remembering it.
  7. #2 doesn’t even make sense wtf It’s the first option without a doubt. Jamie is brainwashed and stupid.
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