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  1. Madonna would have never allowed that. Imagine playing Britney's mom. That would mean that she's old
  2. I feel like #FreeBritney gave Britney a lot of power and uplifiting and made her realise that she can do it and that it's worth fighting
  3. Also i think #FreeFortnite came from #FreeBritney Which is btw about two megacorps Apple/Google and Epic fighting against each other
  4. I'm such a flop. I didn't even know about the Chaotic song Also i couldn't get 5-6 of these songs
  5. And that was a post from 2009 that got revisited. I think it was when she announced the announcement of "3"
  6. VERY. Her OOPs song was the bomb. We had those Nokia phones with us and many people had it as their ringtones. Oops was way more famous than BOMT for some reason. Not even Toxic reached that peak here. The Linkin Park toxic mashup was veryy famous though. EVERYONE knew about MJ and BRITNEY Then the whole Madonna kiss happened and every straight boy has that image hidden in their phone's gallery For some reason Criminal also became very popular here maybe because of the flute interlude.
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