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  1. Get that rebellion promo. Also "If he says she's fine then I'm sure he's telling the truth" uhhhh why?
  2. The middle lady says it's about the money but why would her dad cancel the whole show if he wanted her to take the meds. It's not THAT shady
  3. If this is true(seems like it), hope it catches media attention and she gets a good lawyer. I remember some exhalers doubting Vegas cancellation as an excuse to something else and they got downvoted to hell(i downvoted too). Now the tables have turned.
  4. Yeah, i can understand why it wasn't released. She looks uncomfortable most of the times. Britney might not serve attitude in her shows but she always come through in her music videos but here she just looked uncomfortable. Even the lightning on her face was bad at some points. She's trying to look happy over looking sexy at orgy scenes which makes it weird and makes me feel bad for her It's still better than the original one though. And that G-eazy scene is cringe. Have to always fast forward I'm so glad Slumber party exists to cheer me up
  5. xtina stans getting brave i see. if you don't like it, then don't go. Nobody is forcing you see and if you don't like Britney either then leave this forum, it will be a better place without you. Why not try xtina forum? Oh.... wait, my bad.
  6. Jamie is against the idea of another marriage for Britney because of the legal complications that a marriage would create. How so?
  7. this whole concept is so stupid. like who's checking on this? the ministry of stars academy? like i named a star too, it's just not on "papers"
  8. the way they added second article looks like it's the same
  9. this is why she won't get a collab. her answer always is "call her" bitch you call her. even colbert or jimmy told her that she can dm her on twitter but she was just like
  10. why is she wearing 1000 raincoats
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