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  1. @Lilith I disagreed on many topics with you in the past, but damn you hit it right! I agree with every single line you wrote. Respect!
  2. Mm yeah, but that's illegal. He cannot make money out of copyright material, considering that he's not the one holding the rights
  3. Remind me again how long did the Circus Tour last and how long did POM last? Circus Tour - a little more than half year; POM - 5 years. Of course you can find more bloopers and good/bad moments from POM Does that count: or that or the amazing choreography of Mannequin that she used instead of the original one: I mean, the list goes on and on... again, bad moments could be found from all of her post 2007 tours. That doesn't prove a point. Production-wise Circus slays 90% of all tours I've ever seen (not only Britney's). However her stamina, dance skills and overall performances since mid-2015 and throughout 2016 (POM era) were the best since 2004. Then 2017 happened and it was all mediocre and then 2018 happened and BAM, FFney revived from the ashes, just with a better body and more energy, but not feeling the music whatsoever.
  4. Typical...of course you had to pick the worst parts...like Circus didn't have them as well Vs. Not even picking the best from POM and the worst from Circus.... Both had good and bad parts, good and bad shows. I believe that Britney got overly tired of the show by 2018 and it showed..
  5. Another nose job topic? Britney come back already, people are going crazy here... soon they'll start discuss your pee due to no news... oh wait, they already do, they already do
  6. Okay, if I was Britney and somebody analyzed my pee...... I would definitely quit and go live a quiet life in a secluded place.
  7. Exhale, I was wondering what would be your first thought if you are in 2011 and someone comes from the future in 2016 and just hands you in these photos and tells you "This is Britney in 5 years". How would you react? What your first thoughts would be?
  8. I said it before, I'll say it again - it's so weird that she basically disappeared. Isn't she going out? No pap shots and all...
  9. So what should we talk about? Her upcoming single? Her new insta post?
  10. I respect your opinion, but I also disagree. She has the amount of money needed to live like a queen without moving her finger all her life. She loves what she does, the difference is that before she was a perfectionist with attention to details and now she is just a mom who doesn't take it so seriously, but she obviously likes it. There're hundreds of videos from POM 2014 - 2018 period that proves it. And of course she had her off days, but for the most part even when she was delivering about 30% of primeney, she'd still be with a huge smile on her face and making goofy faces.
  11. I don't think so She just doesn't want to be as popular as before so she could have a somewhat normal life, but she loves performing and it shows.
  12. I always loved it and never criticized her performance on the 2016 VMAs. I just criticize the people who think she wanted to sing live. But the performance itself is amazing. The choreo is nothing WOW, but she has attitude and I will always say it, but the performer's attitude makes for 90% of the show
  13. I don't have to think about it. You're delusional, end of story The track that was playing was not background vocals, it was meant to be like that. Google 'background vocals' and learn the difference, that was an autotuned track, ready for stage. + She didn't hold the mic in a way a singer would ever hold it; + When she is actually singing, you can see her trying (check the live version of 'Something to talk about" from Vegas and see the difference). + And let's not even start with the fact that there're particular breathing/singing techniques that are quite obvious when singers actually sing. That's why it's so easy for vocal coaches to spot a lipsyncer. Because you can't EVER sing a note right with using just your mouth.
  14. It turns out that Britney's hiatus is not only related to her career, but to her social media accounts as well. She's not posting ****.. I mean, her father was in worse condition when she posted the goofy videos in November/December, wasn't he? Yet now for some reasons she disappeared. And when many other artists have their time off/hiatus, they appear at least in pap shots or... you guessed it - social media. I'm not saying that being away is bad, I'm saying that it's suspicious why she was so into social media (most of her posts were not career-related anyway) and then BOOM she's gone. My guesses are: - Either they're baking something big for her 20th anniversary and they want to create suspense around her name (in the most non-working way possible); - Or since her father's health went downhills, the c-ship topic reappeared and she was advised to stay away from the public eye and social media until things settle down; - Or she truly realized how much more important family is than the 21st century madness that is social media and she was like "**** it, I throw my iPhone out of the window and I'll be an old school mom, taking care of my family and all...." I know the topic was discussed 100 times (jk, I know there aren't even 100 active users here anymore ) but still wanted to share my thoughts...
  15. Well, Britney is not coming back yet. I don't know, it's still an indefinite hiatus.
  16. Well, on the positive side - the SuperBowl video is so disliked, even after NFL's attempt to delete some of the dislikes it's still with 90% downvotes... that if Britney appears next year she'll almost 100% perform better.
  17. As of 2019, Me Against The Music vs. Invitation I Got That Boom Boom vs. Make Me Showdown vs. Private Show Breathe On Me vs. Man on the Moon Early Mornin' vs. Just Luv Me Toxic vs. Clumsy Outrageous vs. Do You Wanna Come Over? Touch of My Hand vs. Slumber Party - can't choose. I like them equally The Hook Up vs. Just Like Me Shadow vs. Love Me Down Brave New Girl vs. Hard to Forget Ya Everytime vs. What You Need *Girls and Boys vs. Better *Don't Hang Up vs. Change Your Mind *The Answer vs. Liar *I've Just Begun Having My Fun vs. If I'm Dancing Me Against The Music Remix vs. Coupure Électrique. In the zone - 8 Glory - 10
  18. Good, but Rihanna's prank is older and it's still there. Ellen's videos with Britney are removed (the newer ones) and older ones are there.
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