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  1. I thought I was the only one :p I surprisingly think it looks the nicest out of all of them because it looks cleaner and less cheap with those sparkle effects LOL. But it's still not great, but for a cheap Walmart/Target perfume, it's pretty good. I hate that photo though, they need to burn it with fire. She looks so much better in real life.
  2. Omg... her face looks exactly like ITZney here:
  3. jennyj

    exhale ITZ-ney... is that you??? :O

    I don't think people really care about her looking 'younger', but rather care about her actually looking like HER. With all the stuff she did to her face, and the fast weight loss, and all the horrible make up, and hair, etc. she hasn't actually looked like Britney in a long time. But now that she's starting to go more healthy and natural, letting all that stuff dissolve, going with more natural makeup, we're starting to see glimpses of her old self again (i.e. how a 36 year old version of natural HER would look like without all that stuff done).
  4. jennyj

    music Britney Talks New Music!

    I have a feeling her crappy make up is not her fault... whenever we see her on her own (candids, out with friends, etc.) she always has little to none make up... very minimal. However, anything promo related or when she's doing those IG videos she used to have that crappy makeup on. We haven't seen her do the ugly panda makeup in a long time thankfully, and she's going back to her more natural look... so I'm glad and believe her.
  5. I hope her next album cover has her whole body like this... the face close-up covers are getting boring and predictable.
  6. jennyj

    exhale ITZ-ney... is that you??? :O

    Her old nose... her old lips... her old cheeks... her memorizing puppy dog eyes.... her flowly hair... her hands.... everything...
  7. jennyj

    exhale ITZ-ney... is that you??? :O

    Even her hair looks like classic Brit there