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  1. jennyj

    exhale Domination pictures/videos

    Damn, i was hoping they'd finally get rid of the pole. At least it's better choreo on the pole now ;P
  2. jennyj

    exhale Domination pictures/videos

    Found one:
  3. I'm sure even she wants to, because from her own words "I don't know what I can or can't say anymore", which increases anxiety in a public manner because she doesn't want to get in trouble anymore. For The Record was the last time she was really allowed to talk about it, but there parts in it that made her team look bad, which probably increased the restrictions even more to protect themselves, but it's also 'overprotecting' her. I'm just glad she's in a good place now and in a good relationship and being with her family. I don't think she necessarily needs to talk about it anymore to the public. But I'm also glad they don't act like it didn't happen. Her last Insta post with the leave announcement mentions that he was always there for her during that dark time. That being said, I would love for her to express some of it lyrically on her tracks instead of just sexual stuff. Her old iconic songs had such relevant and and relatable lyrics that almost foreshadowed her life as the years progressed. But they seem to use less of her own writing now even though she's actually really good.
  4. Why can her fans make 'WHO IS IT???' viral, but not her actual music? Y'all should be spreading Slumber Party around with me!
  5. AJ's so cool. He's always been a really good friend to Britney. And you can tell she's comfy around him too: Also, this interview he did with People magazine during her dark time... https://people.com/celebrity/a-j-mclean-i-believe-in-britney-spears-110/ A.J. McLean: I Believe in Britney Spears 110% Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic; Anthony/PacificCoastNews "I just want to sit down with her and have it out," says the Backstreet Boy By SHAYNA ROSE ARNOLD and NICHOLAS WHITE January 18, 2008 01:20 PM Britney Spears is getting another offer of help – this time from Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean “I believe in her 110 percent, but she needs to call [me],” the pop star, 30, told PEOPLE Thursday at the Hysteric Glamour VIP preview party. “If her publicist or somebody can get in touch with me, I just want to sit down with her and have it out.” Asked what he’d offer to Spears, McLean says, “First I would say, ‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ Second I would say, ‘What is really wrong with you? What are you not saying to everybody else?’ ” McLean, a recovering alcoholic who also happened to rise to fame around the same time as Spears, says he thinks he knows part of what the 26-year-old star is going through. “She has given people hints of her troubles, but fear is a really big thing, and depression. … I’ve been through it. I’m coming up on six years sober,” he said at the party hosted by Tracey Ross at her Sunsent Plaza store in West Hollywood. “I just want to sit her down and pick her brain.” ‘Do You Want to Die?’ Ultimately, McLean says he believes the troubled singer wants to – and can – get her life back in order. ” [I want to be] just someone who can tell her straight. I’ll say, ‘Hey, do you want to die? Is that what you want?’ If that is what she really wanted, she would have done it already. I know that is not what she wants,” he says. McLean also said Spears’s pregnant 16-year-old sister Jamie Lynn has had a rough go but will be okay. “You look at Jamie Lynn now and it is like, of course, she has no one to look up to,” McLean says. “But I think she has a chance. Everyone has a chance to turn it around.”
  6. Starbucks with Brinni would totally be her comfort zone where comedianey would truly shine!
  7. jennyj

    news Britney Reportedly Returning To The Spotlight Soon

    The article doesn't say 'soon'. It says when she knows for sure he's in the clear and that while he's doing better, he still has a lot of recovering left. So who knows when that is. That being said, I hope it's soon for both his health and her return. I can't wait!
  8. LOL.. She had glimpses of chaoticney here, but looked like ITZney. I hope we get to see that too! We rarely see her being herself anymore because everything is so restricted and scripted now (I guess because of stuff like this lol).
  9. LOL dying of laughter... her vocals went DEEP during that last laugh I wanna know his name now! I couldn't hear clearly.