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  1. Yeah it's weird. She looks AMAZING from head to toe here, but her mouth looks like her old mouth again. Even on Instagram, especially on her latest posts, her mouth looked normal. It's weird her teeth also seemed to went back to her old teeth. I'm so confused lol. It's like we're jumping back and forth between time frames lol.
  2. Hopefully Larry's been scrapped... her whole entourage would be happy :P
  3. She looks so good and happy! I really hope she's there because she wants to be. I mean she is a Brad Pitt AND Leonardo stan... so she must've really wanted to see it lol. I can't tell, but I really hope she didn't get the fillers around her mouth again. In her latest pics/vids on Insta she looked fresh and her mouth looked normal, but here her mouth is looking a bit POMney again. That being said, she looks radiant and happy, and her hair looks awesome. I love that dress colour too!
  4. Speaking of WB, I didn't know the director was the same as the Scream & Shout MV, AND WB's music video is also the SECOND MOST EXPENSIVE video of all time? (Though the director declines that rumour?)
  5. Y'all need to get lives. Always assuming the worst with Her and Sam. She literally looks more happy with him than with any of her past 'bfs' and in the solo videos where she looks unhappy. Homegirl is enjoying her time with her lover and art and away from the drama, and you guys think she's forced to be there because he made her? SMH. That being said, she looks great (as she has been the last few posts).
  6. I CAN'T Where did this beauty queen come from? She looks exactly like the old Brit that we know and loved. Her face and hair and fashion looks so natural and clean now.
  7. OMG SHE LOOKS SO GOOD HERE! HER HAIR, HER FACE, HER MAKEUP, HER BODY, SAM, EVERYTHING. Those fillers and fun stuff looks to have worn off quite well. PLEASE STAY THIS WAY
  8. "kinda pervy"... as in, he kept looking at her body with thirsty eyes (I mean who wouldn't lol) and kept pushing her to do a cart wheel which would obviously show her boobs in a nice angle lol. I'm not saying he actually is, but the whole scene probably wouldn't fly today lol.
  9. I haven't been able to find the video of it. Only the clip from FTR above (I guess her team has the real clip lol). All we know is she was crying in happiness, so regardless of who WHO it was or WHAT was said, it was definitely something happy and she felt very good and emotional of that moment.
  10. Sorry but this thread title is so misleading... BAN. Though - that ad was one of my favs back then. So iconic.
  11. She looks amazing, and her hair is finally clean and fresh looking along with her face with all the botox dissolving. I hope she keeps it up. She looks so naturally in a good place too.
  12. So freakin' cute and funny! (Though the guy is kinda pervy lol)
  13. She really did show everyone what a true comeback is... does anyone have a video from the pic below? But little did she know the mess that would happen between then now and now.
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