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  1. OMG... I was looking at some comments in Brit's recent IG post, and noticed a person with psychology background mentioned "The BITE Model" and thinks Britney was hinting at it in her caption. I looked it up, and it's a scary how many of the points match Britney's situation. It's a manipulation tactic that victims of sexual exploitation, *** trafficking, media cults, financial scams, (any type of manipulative crimes), often face: https://endingthegame.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/BITES-List-Isolate-ETG-Oct-2014.pdf https://www.openmindsfoundation.org/the-bite-model-of-influence/
  2. Cuz it's a private profile, and no one wants to download some sketchy links? Maybe post them in here.. then we be talking lol.
  3. Interesting that he put "Britney Jean Spears" (i.e. her independent name) not her official brand name (Britney Spears). So this was definitely done without her team's consent. #Slay
  4. He seems really cool and I didn't realize how close of friends they were. No wonder she was so comfortable being candid in that special. I wonder if they still speak at all? Probably not. Maybe he didn't speak out sooner because of an NDA?
  5. I don't like the Pride Remix.... I prefer the original and the 2 alternative versions they played in the producer's IG story. I do still hope it gets a music video, even if she films it from home lol.
  6. Good catch! It sounded super creepy without the context LOL. I wonder why he tagged Lou though.
  7. How many people have signed so far? It says it needs 99k signs before the WH takes action on it. Thanks whoever set this up... slay!
  8. One of my fav songs... but I think that song is a bit too vocal heavy for her, but I would LOVE to her record it as a different rendition though!!
  9. It's definitely a valid perspective that a lot of us have thought about, but it's clear she doesn't 'like' it. Comfortable though? maybe. Sometimes people in abusive situations get so used to it to the point of actually thinking it's ok or that they don't need to try anymore. I have a friend who was in an abusive relationship for over 6 years until he went almost went too far. She acted like she was fine and most of us didn't even know about it the whole time (which I still feel guilty about) because she was still smiling and being normal and even he seemed normal to us, but some people did have a gut feeling something was off. Long story short, she said she loved him too much and got used to it, and in fact wanted it more during the times he didn't abuse her because she felt better something than feeling nothing at all... thankfully she's in a healthy relationship now though. I also had a relative very close to me who used to be hard-working, super chatty, thriving on life person who eventually became bipolar. And now she's like a completely different people now. She'll stay at home or in bed most of the day, do the bare minimum, and just not care anymore. I've never seen anyone in a C-ship before though except for elderly people with severe Dementia or disability, Britney is clearly able to think for herself, take care of her kids, her body, drive, be in a relationship, make music, and make money... there's literally no reason for her to be in a C-Ship. She should have medication, therapy, and a guardian with her yes (which she does i.e. her bodyguard or Sam). But C-Ships are for people with much more severe cases when they can't think or take care of themselves. Her father is known to take advantage of her, he may love her but he also knows she's a cash cow. She wouldn't have attempted to talk to a lawyer against her father if that wasn't the case and both her mom, Sam, and people she's worked with also supported #FreeBritney at some point before getting silenced. So I think that says something.
  10. New single BITE confirmed. What girl wouldn't want their cherry bitten and pie baked?
  11. The video already has over 3.7 MILLION views on Insta already... slay! #FreePromo for #FreeBritney. Everyone share this to your Stories naoww before Team Brit threaten to sue them! (P.S. he's yummy)
  12. Because she's been busy recording some hits obviously. That summer single gonna smash. Pure genius Can someone please record this Toxic (Pokemon x I Got Lou Remix)
  13. ROFL WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS THREAD!?!?!?!?!? All I see is sexy bopping gifs, and here I was innocently going to comment: "Me when I see Charlie playing Twister:" Am I that innocent? LOL
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