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  1. jennyj

    video The Fall....

    I just found this old video of the tragic 'Outrageous' fall. It breaks my heart. Though, I don't remember seeing this part of the video choreography with her dipping back, it shows they really had lots more filmed already than we already saw.
  2. jennyj

    socialney Gorgeous New Prerogative Ad

    Omg she's eye-fking us again! I mean she's always done it in every video, but the last few videos, it didn't feel as genuine. In this clip, I felt the classic iconic eye-fk that sends tingles down our spines. YESSS... please don't screw this era up! This track is totally giving me ITZ/Britney vibes
  3. jennyj

    socialney Gorgeous New Prerogative Ad

    OMFG she looks so good here. Her hair actually looks clean, her face looks fresh, and her makeup is so well done. And her eyes are her classic Britney eyes (it always has been, but the makeup always ruined it). I really hope that beat (and the other Prerogative ads' music) are part of the new album. If not, I'll be very peeved. #slay
  4. There's nothing wrong with her outfit. She's just out and about. Most of us dress down like that on a regular day. Y'all are so petty. Her hair though, it just doesn't look healthy or clean at all. She really needs to get that thinned, smoothed and tamed.
  5. I wonder what happened to him. He's a pretty good video director who did some iconic videos, but you can tell his videos often look simple (except for Britney's Overprotected Remix video, so you can tell she had a lot of input). I didn't realize he also did amazing I Love Rock N Roll video! :
  6. jennyj

    tour The original ponytailney?

    Yeah everytime I look at POM clips, I'm just like what are they thinking? It looks so uncomfortable and heavy and makes her look dirty lol!
  7. That time she put a ponytail instead of the usual flowy hair:
  8. Despite her label not marketing the album, when her team gave her opportunities to promote the album, she served and slayed us all. I still can't get over how hot and confident she was here :
  9. I love how Britney always serves in every music video (even in the sh*tty Make Me video), and she's very particular with her creative style. In this clip, Britney talks about how the Overprotected Remix video (one of her BEST videos) was her idea #iconic: