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  1. She should just ignore them tbh. I lover her, but it makes her look bad if she keeps lying while trying to appear superior. Just ignore them. She obviously at the very minimum got a nose job. But I don't think she did anything drastic. She looks more naturally beautiful like her old self when she does videos at home or interviews on shows like Jimmy Fallon, but when she does red carpets, music videos, etc. she often does some sort of face pulling procedure that pulls her skin back to appear tight where she can't open her eyes fully and makes her cheeks look pulled back, which gives her this serious/dead kind of look, whereas naturally she's bubbly and happy looking. Either way, who cares. Celebs will either deny or own it, it's none of our business lol.
  2. Compared to the other 90s stars, she definitely has a bigger chance to succeed. After this whole craziness with her C-Ship and being away from the spotlight for a long time, if she assembles the right team (i.e. a team who actually cares the type of music she wants to do, and actually gives good marketing and image advice) they can actually make her have a bigger comeback than all her previous comebacks. She needs to drop RCA though, they do not support and market their legacy artists and only keep them for having a popular name on their artist roster. Britney is at a point in her life where she doesn't need big sales/streams, but also at a point where even with zero promo she still gets a lot of attention and sales/streams. If they gave her full creative control of her music and dancing, while they primarily focused on the business and marketing sides, she could easily have a huge come back while also feeling passionate for her career again, which in turn would result in sales/streams as well. But none of that can happen until she's free from Jamie and RCA.
  3. That made me feel things lol She looks amazing. Honestly, y'all can make fun of her all you want. But with studio lights and cameras, hair and makeup, and proper music video editing, and finalized choreography... currentney would SLAY HARD. It just looks silly on Insta because it's recorded in potato quality on her phone at home where she doesn't feel the need to look glamourous, and I'm sure she doesn't intend to post many of these because it's just practicing and coming up with choreo. Though this one was a good one.
  4. Okay 1. OMG SHE LOOKS FREAKIN' AMAZING IN THAT PIC!!!!!! 2. That's such a Britney joke... she definitely wrote that one. Love her so much!!! Dr. Dre better reply since she blessed him with that free promo lol.
  5. I hope you're joking... hundreds of thousands of innocent people, including tons of kids have died under him thanks to Obama's drone strikes while he creepily smiled as they were happening and never denounced while being VP. And he supports segregation, so him along with Kamala who both have destroyed so many innocent black and POC's lives. The war on our people is only going to get worse under them. America can't seem to elect any good people on all sides it seems. And it's unfortunate they have the biggest influence in this world.
  6. So is there any actual info on this? Was Britney involved in this at all, at least an interview? Is it pro-FreeBritney or is this paid and controlled by her team? Or is just a summary of career with a couple of clips of people from the rally? I can't find anything online about this... so strange given that it's airing soon.
  7. Or just learn to drive and keep your cats inside? This video is basically asking to remoke her driver's license lol.
  8. Exactly this. Just like so many celebs 'write' books and auto-biographies. They don't actually write it, they sit in a room, tell their story and a professional writes it. But unlike those celebs, Britney does actually write and is a talented writer at that. But I believe in the case of Perfume, she worked with Sia on it and maybe added her own 2 verses if they didn't write it together. I've never heard these before! Those instrumentals are fire and would have been epic if Brit recorded those!!!
  9. Isn't this just a meme? Haven't seen a single official or pap pic of him like this....
  10. No that would be the worst thing to do. She's already under so much legal battles and red tape and watched like a hawk. If she does anything that will 'break the rules', it won't only effect her C-Ship status but it'll also put her custody of her kids in jeopardy as well. And we all know she would drop everything, including her career, for them. It's better for to work with her lawyers and work within the law and within all her contracts, so she can be the one who's above Jamie and co. The main issue is the court keeps allowing them to constantly delay the hearings. But it definitely seems like she's in a much better place now than she was last year at least.
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