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  1. Where is this pic from??? lol... I feel so behind already! LOL
  2. To be fair, I don't really like any of the pics on his instagram either... they look basic and kinda dirty as well... lol. But i'm not surprised if she does anything after the fact as well.
  3. jennyj

    other "Secret Projects" and "Wait and See"

    Yeah this is really annoying. This is kinda like the irritating Femme Fatale era as well when they kept releasing those stupid 1 second teasers FOREVER just for a disappointing video in the end (HIAM deserved a way better video). I much prefer Adele's team's style. She literally stays tight-lipped and disappears for a while and then BAM! Randomly hits everyone with a hot new single and MV on the same day. The era starts right now. Britney had an amazing team back in the day. I forgot his name, but she and him did wonders together and he made sure she had the right connections and support from the label and marketing teams, the right interviews, the right talk show performances, and even supported what she wanted to do. I would honestly feel the same way as Britney does now when she doesn't have that kind of support or creative input like she used to. The main problem is, even if she does want to change teams, I doubt she can because of Papa Spears. He knows it's easy money doing what they currently do and Larry and Papa are joined at the hip. I'm not even saying that Larry is the issue. Larry was there during some good times as well, but he obviously is getting much lazier as you can see all the artists she manage are not thriving under him. I wish there was something we could do, like a petition or something super trending to help Britney be free.
  4. In addition to the makeup, why is Britney's hair always a mess now? In candids, her hair actually looks great lol. But in appearances, it always looks so messy and unwashed now. Even when she looks, her hair always looks so heavy and greasy and unclean. Even in the sexy Preogative clip, while the hair styles looks nice, her hair itself looks gross. She needs to go back to her natural hair like she does in real life.
  5. jennyj

    other If Brit stops the injections...

    Courtney looks a million times better now that she's letting it all dissolve, obviously it's not 100% there yet, but she at least looks closer to what she's supposed to look at her age: Mindy Kaling got whatever mouth procedure Britney got... because just like Britney, whenever you can see the joker smile now and when they talk, you can see a bit of awkwardness in the mouth area that shows more of their teeth and the space between their teeth and their cheeks (due to the joker lines). It's so unfortunate because both of them are naturally very pretty and had nice smiles. And you can tell that Britney feels uncomfortable with her mouth now as she's always covering it, and licking her lips. I feel like a few months ago, it was obvious Britney was letting her fillers dissolve as well because she was looking more like her old self and naturally beautiful again and she was using better makeup during POM. But, I worry she got them done again because in the Jimmy Fallon and Ellen clips, her face is starting to look a bit stiff again. Or it could just be the bad tanning or makeup or both (which I hope is the case). Either way, I hope she continues to let it all dissolve away, while cutting back on the smoking and tanning, and gets some proper skin care regime going on. But we also need to remember she'll never look 100% like she used to because 1) her rapid weight loss (which results in sunken features, especially around the eyes), 2) her more toned body (which results in more muscular look when over doing it), 3) Her meds (which can result in a bit of a tired look), 4) her age (she's not old at all, but she looks much older than her age because of the procedures, but she can easily get back to looking younger again by gaining a little bit of weight again). If she ever gets pregnant again, I'm sure we'll see a better resemblence of the old Britney because even though she was fit, she always had a little bit of cute baby weight in her face and body to give it a more feminine look).