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  1. jennyj

    news Nope. Britney And Sam Did Not Break Up

    It was pretty obvious they didn't break up... and I'm glad they didn't. This place is so delusional and the fact that Jordan even posted that rumour on the main page is such bad taste and rude to her IMO. And the amount of hate people here have for Sam is so sad. You don't know him personally, so why judge? It's very clear they both make each other happy, and they really missed each other. Go focus on your own sad relationships instead of hating on someone who you don't know yourself. Anyway, I'm really happy to see both of them together again. They legit looked like missed each other.
  2. It's such a timeless classic. I was just listening to it the other day, and it still sounds current. When when will your favs?
  3. jennyj

    socialney New Promo Pic Of Britney!

    Clickbait. That's not a promo pic. If it is, then he knows something we don't. But it definitely is just another great pic from that personal photoshoot with her friend.
  4. THESE ARE SO FREAKIN' GOOD! Britney, Blackout, FFT and BJ are better than the real ones! Make a Glory one too! lol
  5. I want to know too... wtf... pls don't let me be! This will be another Myah meltdown if that's the case.
  6. jennyj

    video Piece Of Me: Sweden August 11

    Totally agree... also you can tell her and the dancers loves performing the 2 new songs more than the other ones. I have a feeling someone else choreographed those routines (maybe her or her in partnership with one of the dancers), because it suits them better and allows them to move more naturally with attitude (instead of being too step-by-step like the other ones).
  7. jennyj

    video Piece Of Me: Sweden August 11

    I actually think this too. I don't think it's her being 'pissed', but rather her being more calm outside the show doing 2 hours of yoga each day, and then unleashing the energy during her show.
  8. I was just listening to one of my fav underrated jams 'Cinderella', and was blown back by those vocals towards the end starting at 2:38. It almost doesn't sound like her, but at the same time it does... so powerful:
  9. OMFG... can we talk about how much she is SLAYING?????? Despite the crappy choreography, she's serving face and giving it her all and has so much energy lol. Her best POM show to date!
  10. THANK YOU. Why would you main page this stupid thread? It's sad that you're promoting stupid rumours about her personal life. He literally just liked and commented on her latest slay post (with Coupture Electrique <3). Just let them be happy guys. I'm glad they don't post a million posts about each other. It's tacky and makes it look they're trying to prove something if they did that. I'm sure she misses him dearly while being abroad.