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  1. Is there a download link somewhere for these that I'm not seeing? These are AMAZING!
  2. OMG *****, how r u? It's literally... been awhile...
  3. At this point how is anyone surprised? Not only am I the stan since November 2013 (seriously type in Britney Jean and pretty much you'll find me all over the internet) but a lot of others love the album...
  4. I was one of his first requesters before he got soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many and started the paetreon thing...
  5. Yep! So dumb Before the concert starts security would explain to us (GA L) that Britney would be throwing the hat but you have to give it back to them so don't kill anyone for it... I think they can spring for a new hat each night and maybe drop 3 lbs less of the confetti...
  6. Wow TSC/3 erasure is REAL One of best songs and it's ignored but PG isn't?
  7. Well damn! Thank you! This made my day and was completely unexpected (especially with this base) I will message you!
  8. Well, basically a lil background (I've been a dancer/choreographer pretty much my entire life, like Britney is what inspired me legit) I was diagnosed with Anorexia back in the first part of the decade and the recovery process has been hell (Anoreixa is THE deadliest mental illness, peeps with it are also 23X more likely to commit suicide than the rest of peeps) so when this album was coming out I was actually in the hospital for when Britney appeared on GMA to announce Vegas etc and so I watched that with sadness, seeing as here I am fighting this and in a hospital bed. So between Drs. and (not lawyers!) therapists I was not able to be fully "present" for the release, clearly my mind was elsewhere. Then it leaked at the end of November and I was in a dark place (I had restrictions placed on me, many tests (wearing a heart monitor for 24 hours to see how low my heartrate was getting, 28 BPM etc) intense therapy in and out of the office, etc) lyrically this album spoke to me and yes I know like "HOW DOES TIK TIK BOOM SPEAK TO" me during all this lol yeah it's not eveyr song but almost every single one did and particularly Now That I Found You which is why I now have "And You Don't Know How You Saved My Life" tattooed on my arm. ANyway, I was cutting, wanting to die, trying my hardest to "get better" etc and this album gave me hope... The danceable songs (Work ***** (which actually became "You wanna recover? rediscover? you better work *****!), Body Ache, Til It's Gone, Tik Tik Boom etc...) were also the ones that gave me hope to get back to slaying the dancefloor/studio. The verses in NTIFY were like OMG THAT'S ME and then Til It's Gone just hit my soul with "I try every night to turn the page, but daylight can confine me to a cage" which is exactly how recovery was/is. Anyway, it got me through my roughest periods (having surgery ) etc and has been a staple in my life, like you have no idea. I am in a better place now, I will always battle this disease and have suffered consequences because of it and have bad days, but between myself/family/dance/music (particularly this album) I have hope... (The "you" in Now That I Found You, is actually myself, almost like a Girl In The Mirror story lol but it's true, I had to find out who I truly am to get to a place to "live my life... see the light... come alive...")
  9. Well I wouldn't mind but I'm tired of defending this damn album and being threatened/**** on so what would the point be? More threats? More hate? more shady *** snarkiness? It's absolutley disgusting how this site hell 97% of this base treats not only the artist they claim to "love' but other stans who may or may not have the same opinion... it's one thing to say "that's weird that you like the song Pretty Girls... why is that?" rather than "**** you ***** for liking something that doesn't even sound like Britney and what weird lame *** taste you have, god you are trash just like your tastes, right guys? let's gang up on one person/few peeps who most of us disagree with!" and then we have someone like kinganthony who takes his own life and all of a sudden it's ZOMG WHY HE LOOKED HAPPY ZOMFG WOW I LIKED HIM WHY WOULD HE DO THIS? It's like take a long hard look in the f#cking mirror... It's toxic and gross the way this base treats peeps and then wonders why peeps are quiet or worse... I dislike Blackout, it's my least fave but I'm not running around screaching at everyone who likes it... Maybe if we all took the time to understand WHY and have some empathy on peeps lives/tastes we could, you know maybe evolve beyond what we currently are...
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