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  1. 13 hours ago, MTL899 said:


    I think she owes us devoted fans who have stuck by her through everything a brand new fresh era  giving it her all (which we all know she can do) before going back to Vegas.

    See that pisses me off right there.

    Britney Spears owes us nothing.

    For every dollar you have spent you got something in return.

    You bought a single: you got that single

    You bought and album: you got that album

    You bought a ticket: you got that ticket

    You bought something with her face on it: you got that item

    Just bc you buy her stuff doesn't entitle you to her producing additional stuff in the future.

    Britney Spears owes it to Britney Spears to do exactly the f**k she wants to do 


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  2. 7 hours ago, Seanril said:

    I was not able to score a M&G because they sold out, but I really want to know if a fan can please ask Britney to make a cologne for all of her male fans at their meet and greet? Like I want to hear what she says. I will even pay you to ask LOL. 

    We need a cologne!!!! 

    Anyone thinking they will get valid information out of Britney on a M&G or thinking that you can steer any decision in a way is delusional and wasting their precious seconds and dollars.

    The only thing asking things like that will accomplish you is that Britney will either freeze and end the conversation or give some generic answer like "wait and see" or "oh okay cool". You will have lost the opportunity to connect to her and to have a memorable moment.

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  3. 7 hours ago, LostInAnImage said:

    It’s obvious she has nearly crippling social anxiety; it’s clear from her M&G’s and interviews as well (no one bares their teeth into that kind of “smile” or wrings their hands constantly just because they’re lazy or to “troll fans” or something else ridiculous). And when she gets on stage, what used to be adrenaline-inducing stress hormones have morphed into nearly paralyzing stage fright, that she combats with a few go-to “moves,” which are actually nervous tics. Surges in cortisol (the stress hormone) further cause onset of memory loss, which is why she forgets what she’s doing up there half the time.

    You can see this all demonstrated perfectly in her BBMA 2016 medley—she started off incredibly nervous, awkward, stiff, and indistiguishable from how she performs most nights on the POM stage. However, when she began the “Womanizer” breakdown, the crowd went crazy, and the positive feedback fed her a surge of transient confidence and adrenaline, thereby overriding her conscious thoughts, which are fueled by negative self-evaluation, overthinking and rumination. Then she was able to ride that wave for the next few minutes, and relied on listening to her body rather than her mind. Hence the great performance we received. 

    While fans still talk about her conservatorship constantly, they seem to forget the implications: she suffers from severe mental illness and requires an array of assistance (personal, financial, medicinal, etc) to execute activities of simple daily living. Unfortunately for her, “activities of daily living” happen to consist of performing in front of the entire world. 

    That’s why it has nothing to do with the choreographer as some are suggesting; are people conveniently forgetting the MM original choreography she posted on IG? That was with Charm LaDonna, and was on par with what she’s doing here. It’s not about the choreographer, the choreography, her knees, the shoes or anything else—it’s mental and emotional, and until that is controlled by medicine and therapy, we will continue to get a glimpse of her former greatness whenever she feels safe and unjudged, and nothing but the status quo of the last decade the remainder of the time.

    ETA: Yes, sometimes she does perform well in front of an actual audience and has great M&G’s or interviews, but that’s because mental illness is a daily, constant struggle. No two days are the same. Sometimes the anxiety and mood swings are overwhelming, while other times they’re suppressed. She even confirmed this herself in FTR:


    She isn’t the most articulate person in the world, but she was attempting to let her fans know, in her own words, what she experiences and the subsequent results (I.e., extreme inconsistency in level of skill and/or interest) we will collectively witness.


    To this day I still don't believe she has mental illness. She had severe depression after her parents divorce, her own divorce and because of the years and years of global media pressure. Because of that depression she developed anxiety, which is what we see.

  4. 6 hours ago, VeteranFan86 said:

    lol what if they release a GH:MP:Vol 2 to coincide with the new fragrance, new residency, and 20yr?

    Chances are this is 101% correct.

    Promo for all these things at once, opening for a new GH residency called Prerogative.

    She can finish the tour, release the perfum, release a single + announce the GH album and new residency early 2019, which will all get mad attention bc of 20 years anniversary.

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  5. On 7/12/2018 at 3:00 AM, xratedjay said:

    I am strolling htrough this thread and I cannot FOR THE LOVE OF GOD get why people are criticizing the outfits or her looks in general.

    Literally can not wrap my head around it, she looks stunning and the outfits look great on her.

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  6. 49 minutes ago, AkiraLe said:

    Yah, me too. I am excited to see her in Paris, it would be a totally different feeling when seeing her in Vegas and in a big stadium. Can't wait.

    By any chance, anyone knows whether I can buy a meet and greet ticket separately. I mean I already had the ticket. I want desperately to have a picture with her.

    Dude, those meet and greets in europe all sold out in seconds after they went on sale. I made the mistake of purchasing my ticket first, literally the second they went on sale. By the time I had purchased my ticket the M&G's had sold out.

  7. I  have tickets to see her show in Antwerp on august 15 and honestly seeing these video's I am excited as f**k to see her again . To me the show is fine as it is. I actually want to see it the way it has been in Vegas, that's the whole meaning of this tour: give fans a chance to see it without having to go to Vegas.

    Honestly most of the people here are exhausting, believing any rumor or claim that someone on twitter spreads and expecting an entirely reworked show for a last leg of the show that she's been doing for years.

    She's not singing on dancing like she was when she was 20 y.o. and it's fine. She chooses to spend her free time with her kids, and with her love, because it makes her happier than rehearsing hard choreography everyday like she used to. I'm thankfull she releases music, has a show and tours. 

    Can't wait to see the show :yay:


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  8. 2018: Finish off her European tour, take a break

    2019: new single, followed by B10 with a total of 3 singles and video's, and plan new residency at ceasar's palace.

    2020- 2022: greatest hits residency at ceasar's palace, with greatest hits album and a few stand alone singles and collabs mid 2021. Being involved in the Broadway show about her life and music.

    After 2022: Britney gets her own sit-com (where she's herself but not famous and in a regular day tot day job like being a teacher or a doctor or maybe a lawyer). 

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  9. On 7/5/2018 at 2:21 PM, kasavas said:

    August 15 :scalped:

    First time seeing her ever :scalped:


    On 7/5/2018 at 3:04 PM, ManOnTheMoon said:

    I'll be there too :makeitrain:

    3rd time for me


    On 7/5/2018 at 4:04 PM, rck92 said:

    Going on August 15th in Antwerp. Very excited! Last time I saw her was on the FF tour but that was eh, not too good.


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  10. 3 hours ago, Onyx1126 said:

    Didn’t Pitbull confirm the track w/Britney & Enrique.. also confirmed the add on to Brit’s Euro POM stretch.. 

    I would guess when the show kicks off is when we get that song 

    It might be later as well, and it's going to be just a feature, like scream and shout. There's no guarantee to an actual performance or promo on the song.


  11. A meltdown on a short basic interview ? Some of you guys are rediculous.

    It's just an interview, she might have been bored, or tired, and she just doesn't like boring interviews. If you are a fan STOP PICKING ON HER OR TEARING HER APART over how she dresses, how her make-up is or what her hair is like. It's her f**king body.

    If you were expecting her to announce a single I have no sympathy for you whatsoever. There was nothing but rumors from shady twitter accounts that you chose to believe. 

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  12. It was delayed because it never existed.

    There was no buzz single for the Asian tour either. It's just going to be the tour. 

    The rumors turned out to be fake, jigga's up !

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  13. 8 hours ago, ben spears said:

    i feel like she WILL release some type of buzz single for the tour like it makes sense but i feel like all these "insiders" are just speculating, i do think somethings coming but not bc of these insiders but i would bet on 6/13 more than friday

    The tour is coming, that's what's coming.

    They don't need an extra single to promote the tour, the tour is selling itself. Once she kicks it off, the remaining tickets will sell themselves off of the buzz the early dates created.

    Biggest clue: there was no buzz single or song for the Asian tour. European tour will be the same as the Asian tour. 

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  14. 16 hours ago, NiceSpears said:

    Omg are ppl still in here doing these sad, unhappy no- lifer, dragging and shady threads about her? :watrusayin: + add a sleeping emojii. 

    Bitch is about to go on another world tour and everyone is excited and pumped. But ppl in here tho... PPL IN HERE THO... omgosh 

    *prays for you* 


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  15. Cher, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson,.... none of them perform or release the kind of music like they did when they were peaking. None of them would (have) be(en) able to compete with the current artists.