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  1. Great how in half a year the focus on this forum has shifted completely from endless rumors and fake tweets on new music and tearing down her looks and performances to rooting for Britney to be free and dissolve this scam of a conservatorship. Just wanted to put that out there for all of us as a pat on the back before the whirlwind that is sure to come after the august and september status hearings.
  2. "So where did the 290 million go ? Possibly Spears had a massive entourage and showered them with gifts like cars and houses." Wow makes total sense a conservatoree that isn't allowed to make financial decisions and who is living off an allowance is showering her entourage with gifts
  3. Like the tv show host says a grand magical moment by a grand voice.
  4. This ! the whole "Britney would die" thing is the ultimate grab at scaring or guilting anyone for supporting her freedom. It's such a vague thing to say, more so because there was never any real evidence of her life being in danger. She never expressed any suicidal thoughts, not through her art, not through any social media or statement, there weren't even any rumors ever that she might hurt herself on purpose ! Even if she has mental health problems, that does not mean she wants to hurt herself. And for her team to say that she would die without them having control is so f**king pervertive it's disgusting. She needs your filthy money grabbing hands to live ? Ugh I want to throw up. She was only hospitalized because she she was cornered into not giving her kids back after a visitation with them. She didn't inflict any harm on anyone to be hospitalized. She was under immense stress and scrutiny and was having a breakdown as in she did not know how to deal with it all anymore. Powerfull people stepped in to take over. Initially they did good to relieve her from a lot of the stress and deal with the incredible pressure and work that comes with being a superstar. But she got back on her feet and now those people have come accustomed to being in control and the greed and power is taking over. It has been going on so long that they are trying to play out the fact that people can't really imagine how Britney would be without restraints, and they are scared of what she might say once she's away from them.
  5. Courtney Love: "Jamie sexually abused Britney and now holds her as a prisoner cash-cow" Jamie: Britney's gram: "Britney was admitted to a mental health facility against her will" Jamie: Britney stan: "Britney's team is deleting positive comments on her instagram" Lynne: "I noticed that too" Jamie: "ThIs Is OuTrAgEoUs AnD DeFaMaToRy I aM SuInG YoU lItTle AsShOlE"
  6. Who do you want a confirmation by ? Jamie ? Like, as if he would confirm he forced his daughter into a mental facility ? Britney ? Like as if she would do an interview and say "I was forced into a mental facility" ? If you are waiting for any official confirmation regarding the abuse in this conservatorship you'll have to wait untill it's dissolved
  7. Yes, this is so obvious and absurd that I'm beginning to think that her team is considering her instagram as some sort of trap now to find and block the fans that support the movement, I feel myself get sucked into the urge to post something really nasty about her team but I don't want them to use me against Britney or block me you know
  8. He got it https://www.tmz.com/2019/06/13/britney-spears-permanent-restraining-order-former-manager-sam-lutfi/?adid=hero3
  9. Okay here's where I'm at: I don't trust TMZ, nor radaronline I don't trust Jamie, Larry, Lou, Andrew Wallet, Robin and anyone associated with them I don't trust Sam Lutfi or anyone associalted with him I trust Britney, Lynne, Jamie Lynne and Bryan. I have hope for judge Brenda
  10. Don't expect anything else from her team but lying and scheming through the summer. They are looking at the next few months as time to do set-ups and try to mislead court investigators, media and fans. NOT BUYING IT. There is no reason for this conservatorship. Even if she now gets access to internet or is allowed to go out to eat whenever she wants, how can you even consider that freedom if it can be taken from her by her dad in mere seconds ? Britney asked to be freed, her dad responded by filing for the conservatorship to be extended to even more states. Don't tell me we don't know what's going on behind closed doors. I pray to god everyday that the new judge and these court appointed investigators have a conscience and that they set Britney free.
  11. This is just like with that video from the mental facility where she said all is well. Tired of the trickery and the constant bitching about details. Conservatorships are for people who can't take care of their everyday needs like provide food, clothing, get along with their day, work, take care of themselves. Britney can do all of that plus record albums, tour the world, give interviews etc. Wether or not she has a mentall illness is irrelevant and not a determining factor to a legal conservatorship. Wether or not she gets some sort of control on her bloody instagram page is irrelevant, what is relevant is her basic civil rights as a grown woman. It's perfectly clear that Britney doesn't want to be in this conservatorship and that there's no need to keep her under it permanently, even if she has a mental illness. THAT should be the focus. So stop with the commenting about Lou and her dad and her team on her instagram. Focus on the big picture, support and like posts about the movement that comes with facts and exposes team c-ship with factual and circumstantial evidence. Those are the things that must come to light, make it to general media and therefore be brought under the attention of people with actual influence. No judge is going to care about how many shady comments are posted under a video of Britney dancing.
  12. I think the only purpose of that new workout video that was obviously filmed at the facility is to attract negative comments by fans to find them and get their profiles blocked. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwj65Pqygq_iAhXB0aQKHawCBwYQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fknowyourmeme.com%2Fmemes%2Fits-a-trap&psig=AOvVaw0euaQsE-XmgIJHUWL4fdCu&ust=1558610413561273
  13. All high profile celebrity's work with NDA's that their team or management makes you sign before you even have the first personal contact with them (like for a private event and for sure for a date). Most have a stack of empty NDA forms at their house that you are asked to sign when you come in. You get paid nothing for signing it, the only advantage you have is getting access to the celebrity. For instance Sam will have to have signed one before he went on a date with Britney. They prevent you from disclosing any information on the celebrity and on your time spent with them. If you spill any info there's usually a million dollar plus penalty and possibility you have to pay additional damages.
  14. I agree, it's clear that she considers this new attention by the paparazzi beneficial, and that she is using it to change the narrative on her capacities to handle it and her general state of health. By looking good, happy and in control she makes it hard for people to believe she is this fragile unstable mental patient her team wants us to believe she is. All these videos and photo ops came right after TMZ kept reporting she was in a bad place and Larry saying that she wouldn't perform again. She clearly uses these opportunities to prove them wrong and to show that she is happy with what the freebritney movement has started.
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