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  1. Wether you support or don't support this single right now seems pretty insignificant to me. As long as the focus and attention is on the Freebritney movement. There's no need to start pointing fingers among ourselves. We have clarity and certainty on the fact that Britney wants out of this c-ship and that she is afraid of her dad and needs him to be out of the picture. He is going to get his paycheck anyway as long as he is on board, wether she or the label makes a little change from a new single or not. I personally choose not to contribute to this single in any way. If anything this release is in extremely poor taste by UrbanOutfitters and the team when you consider there are so many questions on her wellbeing and her being abused for financial gain.
  2. I agree and you made me realise that maybe she feels like it is her creative outlet at the moment, and that even with the court case going on it is actually nobodies business but her own. To be analyzing her posts or videos like we are, we might be part of the problem. With everything going on and having to be so defensive towards people about her for years it's not always easy to not have an opinion and pass judgement even when we feel like we want to protect her or want the best for her.
  3. Honestly sometimes I feel like very few people can relate. To be sexualised like she was from a very early age. To be working in entertainment industry where you are torn apart on the daily for your entire life. To be ridiculed and labeled by the entire world. To be treated as a 5 year old child for 12 years long when you are actually a grown 25+ year old woman. Sometimes I wonder wether someone who has endured that can be put to the same standards as the rest of us are.
  4. Yeah it concerns me. I feel like if I was close to her I'd remind her how important it was atm to portray a certain image of seriousness. If only to support the fact that she is a grown and stable succesfull mother of two.
  5. Interesting POV. Her instagram account is a powerfull weapon in regards to setting a certain narrative. It would be a powerfull tool for her if she was in control, but honestly I do not think that is even possible under the conservatorship. Even if they would let her decide what to post, there is still a censorship. Given the amount of videos where she seems to be in good spirits and in which she clearly adresses her followers, she certainly is aware of the fact that she has the account and that videos are being uploaded and there is a clear sense of cooperation. Wether she is aware of everything that is being posted, we can't know for sure.
  6. I don't even think she posted this. You think they would let her have internet access so she could e-mail or contact anyone in the outside world and tell them what was going on ? I'd be surprised if there was even any internet access at her house. She records these pictures and videos, and then someone goes over them and posts them later on. Honestly this types of video support the narrative her dad and his team are trying to sustain. So why does she make them ?
  7. I understand she is an artist and she feels the need to express herself, but as a lawyer I would advise her not to at this point, as it is honestly not helping her case right now.
  8. If you want to help her you contact Sam Ingham and send him your declaration and express you are willing to help. If he doesn't respond you contact a serious news outlet and try to set things in motion. No need to rile up the supporters without giving any factual information.
  9. For the personal one she has requested that Jody Montgomery would be appointed as the permanent conservator, instead of just temporary. But in the request that she filed it is specifically mentioned that this request does not means she waves her right to ask to end the conservatorship in the future. So she basically wants Jamie removed from everything as a first step, and then focus on ending it altogether.
  10. The fact that she included a "Jail Jamie. Free Britney. Investigate Lou" sign in the court documents
  11. I feel like it's been blown way out of proportion. She didn't actually call people names or bully them or hurt them intentionally. Okay some people feel like she's a *****, but honestly I wonder how much it takes for some people to say that. You rub them the wrong way and suddenly they are in a "toxic environment". She needed a little slap on the wrist and she got is, now let's move on to more important matters.
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