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  1. I feel like it's been blown way out of proportion. She didn't actually call people names or bully them or hurt them intentionally. Okay some people feel like she's a *****, but honestly I wonder how much it takes for some people to say that. You rub them the wrong way and suddenly they are in a "toxic environment". She needed a little slap on the wrist and she got is, now let's move on to more important matters.
  2. They are just postponing - halfassing - narrating this untill media coverage and attention goes away quietly.
  3. Well if this all were to be true TMZ satan than what an unimaginable RISK and abuse it is to make this "severely mentally ill woman" tour the world 3 times, do hundreds of big Vegas shows, parade her around in interviews, commercials, music video's, award shows, etc. "These people who are screaming for the conservatorship to end, well if that happened and she hurt herself or died 2 weeks after would these people utter a peep? No way" What the GASLIGHTING **** is that. Now we're being scolded for questioning wether or not her basic human rights are being violated ?
  4. I am a divorce lawyer. Studying parttime to become a mediator as well.
  5. Jamie Spears Lou M Taylor Sam Lutfi Adnan Ghalib Fernando Flores. Justin Timberlake (List of people who should go to hell)
  6. Lufti is the perfect scapegoat, an evil mastermind that can get to poor Britney and ruin and kill her as soon as the conservatorship ends. Jamie needs a villain to make it seem as if he is the hero.
  7. You guys it's a bonus track with no video and zero publicity. We had our brief miracle moment.
  8. OP you are forgetting about Rihanna and Beyoncé though, they have peaked impressively and despite their hiatus they can EASILY still build on that for years and they have big star quality. Even GP is pretty desperate for some Rihanna and Beyoncé is pretty much one of the biggest celebs these days. If you are talking about white pop girls then yes, nobody has peaked bigger in the past two decades (Gaga, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande come close). I think it depends on who you are talking to. Britney's has stayed with us more because of the impact it had on our lives. Something always looks bigger than it actually is when you feel a part of it. I'm sure. If you would talk to gen Z's, they would think TS or AG is bigger, if you talk to boomers or whatever they would say Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston had a bigger peak.
  9. I personally believe she is writing her own posts but that, like anything in her life, it's being filtered and checked as well. Having been put down and let down by so many people for most of your life has it's consequences on your mental state and life. I think that at this time in her life she chooses to ignore what everyone says and just prefers to make a fun and bubbly instagram rather than using it for serious matters, just like other young moms do. She's trying to make her life as normal and down to earth as it can be in her situation and she's trying to enjoy her life and be happy.
  10. Maybe she happened to have it on video because she likes to video her dancing, and Lou came across it and decided to post it... Or she just wanted to post it since people were questioning if she really broke it... Or she's bored as **** and was in a mood to share stuff
  11. @Britneyarmy8 I agree with you that she just broke her foot, there's no lie or whatever, she just broke it and it happened to come in handy as an excuse to why she wouldn't show up at the zone. But I also agree with @PrettyGorl that there's no reason to be mean to fans who are sorta losing it and are starting to doubt every possible thing that's being posted on her IG because it's totally understandable with all the lies and **** that has happened the past years.
  12. Imagine if that Britney's gram voicemail had never happened ... We all would have let to be believed that her dad was actually sick and that she checked into a mental health facility voluntarily... #Freebritney wouldn't have happened... Would she even have had the courage to petition for her freedom ? Fans would have been mad at her for not releasing music and for not showing up at the zone, callin gher lazy and destroyer of her own career... 90% of us wouldn't know about Loucifer ... Edit: and maybe Jamie wouldn't have lost it and try to hit SP and he still would be creeping around her 24/7
  13. The paranoia and consipracy theories are insane. She's in an unjust conservatorship that's true and she wants out, but she's not an actual slave you guys, I really don't think she's being held at gunpoint to make a video. She legit just broke her foot dancing, it happens, no she's not faking it. She doesn't really want to be involved with the zone, her broken foot was the perfect excuse (that came in late, but it's an excuse none the less) to get out of doing anything for it. She is obviously VERY bored, and she gets to go on supervised vacations to Hawai so she can get out of the house. Lou controls her instagram, but Britney keeps making videos and photo's that Lou can use, so there is some sort of involvement. If Britney wasn't in any way behind her instagram, than why would she be making these random videos ?
  14. Euhm okay why does her top change a split second before she breaks her foot ? Did she not want to show her dancing in the white top so she replaced the first part of the video with a video of her dancing in the yellow top? Why go editing and putting together videos just to show you broke your foot ?
  15. It's called choosing your battles. The investigation and her mental health are private matters, she should not feel pressured to talk about those publicly. She has implied more than enough that she wants her freedom back. If she would be fine with her dad or Lou or Jodi, she would have reacted to the rumors.
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