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  1. I don’t really know why but my mind went straight in the gutter.
  2. Maybe they’re holding it over Britney’s head to manipulate her into working again. “See what your family has to resort to now that you’re not working? They’re going to have to sell your childhood home!” Who knows what the real story is, but I’m sure they’re pulling out all the tricks to convince her to go back to work at this point.
  3. Oh I didn’t know any of that. I must have been absent that day.
  4. I’m in Arizona too. And I went out for a jog at 10PM last night because I missed the curfew memo. Stay safe neighbor and let’s don’t do dat sheet no more.
  5. @TowelneyMy city now has an 8:00 curfew.
  6. That word is going around a lot lately. Not surprised it’s all baseless accusations as per usual.
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