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  1. Lynne Spears, please come get your daughter... Joking about making an album with her career on life-support. #really#inpoortaste
  2. I'm anti-vaccine in this case, particularly as it's rumored to be mandatory. Yet, the vaccine has a right to exist and people have the free will to choose to take it. Just because I'm skeptical doesn't mean others are. People are allowed to say 'no' and people can also say 'yes'. Feel free to share your opinion as that is your right, just don't expect everyone to agree.
  3. For a white hetero***ual male this is probably considered to be above average...
  4. No shade, but how did swimming in the stars get passed up over 'Make me'?!
  5. Ok, respectfully, the most likely reason anyone would agree to be a part of this is in hopes that they could have [email protected] Miller moment and meet Britney (although lets hope when they get their picture taken, Ms. Spears makes the effort to take the lollipop out of her mouth)...#poorjordan
  6. What a blessing. Britney and Lindsay are my two all-time favorites. If they can redeem themselves, then there's hope for us all. :-D
  7. <3 You tell the truth, my friend. I do become worried. However, folks like Rihanna show a sense of interest in what it is that they do. If Britney had a travel show or a fitness program, thinks would be easier for us fans.
  8. If you are placed in a conservator-ship, shouldn't it be as beneficial to you as possible, socially and professionally? It no longer matters whose at fault, it matters most how we can resolve it. Do they even want to at this point? There has to be so much more going on behind the scenes that she, herself, probably isn't aware of. I mean, with how quickly the music industry progresses these days, with material, accompanying videos, performances, tours, etc. for Britney to still be without an album and so fourth...I mean, I love Britney Spears, but I think her team is misinformed on just how successful Britney is actually viewed in this day and age. She practically the music industry's act of courtesy. It doesn't make me happy knowing this, but it's reality. While I am sure the industry is indeed dark, wicked, and so fourth, [Miley Cyrus/Ashley O] but why then promote perfumes and what not? It is not as if you are successfully avoiding anything by excluding the creation of music from your life. Kesha is a perfect example, and she used to her pain and circumstance to benefit her, professionally. When the Lupus-inflicted Selena Gomez, a newly married Justin Bieber, the Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block. Lil' Kim, Madonna, etc.; how can you be less active than these folks and still feel satisfied with yourself, professionally? People have carved out careers while Britney spends time doing sit-ups and having her face reconstructed. The irony is that I'm sure Britney, personally, would receive more enjoyment as a musician than as an entrepreneur.
  9. While I respect the 'plug', Jordan, why don't we discuss the bigger issue? Britney's talent is what is going to get her out of these legal troubles and public misconceptions. I suggest further promotion of Britney. It is true that the industry has certainly moved forward without her; however, being the enthusiastic supporter that you've proven to be, via the existence of this site, please consider my recommendation, from one fan to another. *Side Note* Jordan, if Britney seems so concerned with fitness, she needs to reach out to you because your present physique is quite impressive.
  10. I don't understand how Team Britney has been so successful at lowering their own standards to the point of such raw desperation that we are willing to accept virtually anything we're given. This isn't humility, it's humiliation. I'm not expecting her to save the world; heck, I doubt she can save her career. It's to the point where it's an accomplishment if she's photographed breathing. There are individuals exhausting themselves on stage for the sake of the art that they love and essentially live for; while Britney Spears has become the 'handicapped parking' of the music industry, today. She's the lesson that managers tell their artists in hopes they won't follow the same path. How long are they going to rest on 15-20 year old accomplishments? Nobody likes to see their loved ones suffer, but truth is we, the fans, are not aware of her beyond the professional realm any more than she seems to be aware of us.
  11. Ultimately, Britney is, today, the equivalent of a more favorable, likable, redeemable incarnation of Lindsay Lohan (and to be clear, Lindsay Lohan was 'that girl' back when, so I am a fan, rest assured). These are two individuals that are both 'passed their prime', commercially, and the world has unfortunately moved on to individuals who have the drive and the will to deliver. People say that Britney 'lives in a bubble'; yet those who seem truly 'out of touch' are those responsible for having Britney in the 'right place at the correct time'. They have a history of being 'a day late and a dollar short'. '08 was not a 'comeback', it was a 'fallback' in contrast to what had previously taken place. I hope she's content personally, because professionally she's practically a ghost.
  12. *DISCLAIMER* huge Britney fan.... since '98... however, at some point, I start to wonder if the person I am a 'fan' of is still among the living, today? What am I fan of, necessarily...perfumes, fitness clips, conservator-ships, pushing a professional image you've essentially aged out of? I'm not a hater, I'm a realist. You've got new artists and classic individuals who are still progressing within this industry and still manage a personal life, etc. Christina flops left, right, and sideways, but the girl keeps it moving... she turns lemons into lemonade the best she can. She's not as 'popular' as these other ladies, but she doesn't sit around and pout, she's consistent as a musical figure. She involves herself in projects that promote music, etc. The sad thing is, at least if this had happended 15-20 years ago, at least Britney would be more pleasing to the eye. I don't intend to objectify her, because frankly I do not have to. She has accomplished this through her decisions to take the focus off of her music, and talents and instead promote an image that she, herself no longer resembles.
  13. #Shade #noliesdetected #DEAD (hahahahaha!)
  14. I'll take it a step further, if she is so willing to show us, the fans, that she exercises, can't she record herself musically involved? Heck, I said it the other day, if you're going to 'respond' to the media, can you at least do it in the form of a song? She's not a model, or a politician; she is a musician, a vocalist, an entertaining presence. She makes albums, not fitness videos. We let the perfume and the other extras slide because we had our music provided to us. To be clear, there's nothing wrong with a side hustle, but when the side hustle takes over as the primary, it can cause issues. I'm sure there are some Jessica Simpson fans out there wishing she'd take a break from the shoes, the bags, and the pregnancies and throw out a single with a video and a performance to match (or is that just me?). Ultimately, there is a drought in Britney, the creator of music, and an influx of Britney, the public image. How can someone so wealthy still be so fixated on financial gain? How much money does she think she needs that she has to go beyond the musical route to obtain it?
  15. I'm sorry if my message seems disrespectful, but this is someone praised for their work-ethic, and to be fair, it's been 3 years, and Piece of Me couldn't have been so demanding given that she basically shows up, puts her hair in a bun, messes with it through the course of the show while poorly mouthing her lyrics.
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