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  1. Participating From FF until Baby this is gonna be interesting for SURE
  2. Okay, LOVE this song and agree it should be a single. But where DAHELL is the video for Kinky?
  3. I really like Madonna's music, but I can't say the same about her fans that I know, so this category of "news" isn't unexpected to me.
  4. 1. Clean 2. Look What You Made Me Do 3. Style But I have to mention number 4 would be "Cruel Summer"
  5. Not gonna say I'm for or against legalization and stuff cause my take on this doesn't even matter -- even more so because I know some pretty serious issues can get very controlled through its regular and professionally (medically) oriented use. However, it's undeniable that ANY type of conscious altering drug -- justifiable or not, having a permit/license or not (there is, being for a health issue or simply for pleasure) --, be that "mary juana" or zolpidem, definitely represents a conflict in the case of this user being truly capable for managing/caring/representing 100% another one who allegedly also has "serious issues" and for this same reason would need a totally mentally stable person to be their conservator (which is what they've made clear Britney urgently needs (according to them, of course)). At most, this "crucial conservator" they claim she needs should at the very least be free from the use of such substances. And I say this with property for I've been a user of pretty heavy psychiatric substances with thought altering/hypnotic effects due to a couple of disorders, and myself and pretty much every other patient under the use of said type of medications surely are NOT in a position of legally representing anyone else effectively because the side effects of most of these end up altering the conscious state and regular way of thinking, to some people who already have specific disorders (clearly her father does have some serious mental issue) even having drastic results. So this is really not OK.
  6. The important thing here is that if she did use the word "dig", then she's acknowledging that there ARE indeed hidden things as we always suspected.
  7. Only thing I know is Lou must sing along to t.A.T.u.'s "Not Gonna Get Us," on a daily basis, but the beetch is wrong.
  8. Never said I hate it, so maybe those who actually do can explain it. Simply don't have it on my Steam "Lover" playlist because it sounds boring to me.
  9. I get it, and good thing you have a nice relationship (or at least good communication) with him. But then there's this thing called empathy and sometimes we just can't stand some people and that's natural. Also, lots of people surrounding Britney allegedly love her too and we all can see this feeling doesn't really look like love after all. I personally would never post some of the stuff he has posted about someone I "love" (even worse: someone I work for!)
  10. Used to look up to some artists from my country (Brazil) years ago. Unfortunately, they all ended up venturing into different styles that I simply didn't dig. So I wouldn't recommend anything from their last decade, but I could suggest Spotify playlists + albums I exclusively created with some of their best older stuff.
  11. He's played the victim many times before. He easily rushes to write stuff that suggests her team consists of a bunch of perfect top professionals who are forced to do the absurd stuff we are used to because "they have no choice and/or did the best thing ever and us fans simply can't see that". He doesn't clearly or directly state these things, but his careful choice of words tend to lead to this kind of interpretation, even alluding to the fact that it's all Britney's fault. Since I can't deal with this I stopped reading anything from him because I felt I might snap over his cheek Like, if it's such a heavy burden and he can't take it anymore, quit and go do something else, for God's sake!
  12. Someone name a GOOD computer/network professional or something to be present there the next hearing and avoid this from happening! My God, does it have to be so freaking hard? -- Lou answers a big "YEEEES"
  13. Sim! No caso dela, vamos focar em pedir continuação assim que postar o vídeo. E se a gente também tentasse subir hashtag? #BritneyLivre ou sei lá. O que vocês sugerirem eu já estou aqui fazendo.
  14. Se tiver/puder, deixa link aqui para o caso de alguém ter acesso mais fácil a ele e poder indicar essa fonte.
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