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  1. I'll always love her for this video lol I always go back and forth between Ashley and Jessica being my favorite (I like Jess's music more cuz I'm a heaux). I really liked what Kim did while she was in that duo Her Majesty & The Wolves. I really just love them all!
  2. The original is better and the lyrics make a lot more sense too. She put out a pretty solid album too, it only came out in the uk and it's a shame she was slept on.
  3. This is why that genre of music needs to take a seat for a good long while and get it's shyt together. It's 2020 there shouldn't be anymore homophobic shyt being tolerated or justified, when people have had their careers cancelled for less. Also the degrading views of women need to stop being tolerated too. There shouldn't be excuses like "that's just the way it's always been" when we can do better. If you keep collaborating with people who are problematic it should absolutely be held accountable too. It's why people have dropped R.Kelly left and right. If you're just out there doing things for a paycheck then you are not an ally and deserve the backlash. I don't get why anyone would defend that?
  4. Naw, it's just her. It's not like she hasn't been thinphobic on a global level, so it's not like she doesn't deserve it. Then lying to poor unsuspecting JLo and setting her up for the Dr. Luke backlash. Then stealing songs. How does she have the main writing credit all of a sudden? Eff dat heaux...
  5. Gurl it lifted beats right outta You Spin Me Right Round and Blue Monday? How much more 80's do you want sis?
  6. The level of disrespect being thrown at PCD is more than messy. Each of the girl's have their talents, Jessica even blocked Nicole from hitting #1 That was her first #1, she went on to have a few more too... Ashley and Kimberly put out a couple bops too Meghan Needs A Trainer ended up stealing this one from Ashley and all of a sudden had main writing credits...... While Kimberly doesn't have the best vocals, there's no reason she can't be on backup. She still slayed this... It's not their fault if you're uneducated about their talents...
  7. Really? They're being that harsh with her? I wish they'd turn on someone who actually deserves it like Halsey...
  8. This is MUCH better than her ATTEMPT at Gimme More! It's still a little messy though...
  9. Just found this and didn't see a topic, thought it was fire and figured I'd share with the class... That cover is pure magic lol! I would love for someone to show it to Brit so she can do that cute loud laugh she does or say ew lol.
  10. I'm happy for her, she gives off good energy and doesn't seem problematic like a lot of the pop bishes like Taylor or Demi.
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