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Britney'sBish last won the day on May 20 2014

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    Twerking at the playground, paying the homeless to battle to the death, and lighting the victor on fire.
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  1. Watch him be who gets to come back mid season. That elimination wasn't fair lol
  2. Jesus Christ, why don't they just go after someone who hasn't shown any support?
  3. It's a message about how guys get excused for being pigs or perverts "boys will be boys".
  4. I mean wasn't Bang Bang the closest thing to it? It's a been done kinda thing that really wouldn't be special at this point. I'll play though Normani Dua Lipa Doja Cat Ariana Grande
  5. You mean to tell me that it was a possibility that we could have had a Britney figure from the show? Sadness...
  6. Did you watch the entire documentary? I don't believe that for one second, she's just as evil as the rest of them.
  7. But girls will be women. I'm just tired of the preachy songs, I get if you wanna share a message but don't litter your album with it.
  8. There's a reason Ariana didn't keep it, it's just not that good and boring. Just like NASA...
  9. Because they keep giving my girl trash songs! Where are the bops!? Bish slays a music video, she just needs a legitimate bop that isn't someone's leftovers or by the number soundtrack song.
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