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  1. over 30s club https://imgur.com/a/jRYwZuf For some reason I cant insert image from URL :/
  2. Imagine having floaties for lips and thinking you’re the authority on anything. The trash takes itself out
  3. Hes an idiot, we should not be opening anything and are on course to be, if we arent already, the hardest hit country in the world regarding covid deaths. Thing is, I applied for unemployment mid march and still haven't received a penny. Cant get through on the phone and my own senator and assemblyman offices couldn't get a response from EDD. They purposely make it difficult to get your money, and families with no savings living paycheck to paycheck have no choice but to sacrifice themselves to feed their kids. This country is ******* disgusting tbh. Broken on every level.
  4. The space between her outer eye corner and temple is ridiculous. How much fuller can you get around the circumference of your face? She’s starting to look like drop dead fred when he traps his head in a fridge
  5. You say you knew you were gay as a child, therefore a trans person would know too that they are trans at an early age and should be able to act upon that and undergo hormone therapy. Going by this logic, if people know they are gay as children, they should also be allowed to act upon that and have ***? Think harder about what you are saying. You can't compare these things.
  6. Are you comprehending anything I said lol? If a person is not of the emotional or physical maturity to even have a drivers license, how can anyone condone them taking hormones that will irrevocably change their bodies? Try to follow along its not difficult. Unless you're all for letting children make the most life altering decision of their existence before their brains have even fully developed you're either dumb or just trying too hard with the virtue signaling.
  7. So parents in similar situations should let a child choose to take hormones and permanently alter their bodies before they're even old enough to drive? ok. Think you missed my point entirely.
  8. Im off topic? I was literally referencing the tweet that the thread is about
  9. Also can we pay attention to the fact that it was a child that was being counseled? I wanted to be Cher Horowitz up until the age of 12 but obv the majority of us grow out of that stuff. I’ve seen parents who allow kids to transition and I don’t believe that’s right at all. You don’t know your arse from your elbow at those ages.
  10. Fart in the wrong direction and you can be labeled transphobic/homophobic/racist these days. People are reading far too much into the smallest things desperately trying to cancel anyone they can. It may not fit with the reality trans people wish was actual reality but it’s the truth. Trans men and women will always be trans. It’s not denying them their existence or respect, it’s basic science. Men and women are born with biological differences unique to their ***. The best a trans person can hope for is to alter their appearance to better represent themselves and how they feel inside and how they truly identify. Saying this out loud isn’t transphobic, not playing into the fantasy that people can magically alter physics isn’t transphobic. It’s a sad truth, and it is sad because I wish for nothing more than for people to be able to be who they are inside and have that reflect on the outside. Attacking people for acknowledging science only hurts the movement imo.
  11. He literally apologized for his behavior. Y'all get so involved in celebrities personal lives and demand apologies when it doesn't even concern any of you lol this whole culture of demanding explanations and apologies from celebrities regarding their personal lives is sad. They make movies and music and they owe you nothing more outside of that. Same with Britney in the 2000s, people feel entitled to everything from them. You aren't. He may have reached out to her personally, none of us know. Most importantly, its none of our business.
  12. Im on the fence with this. It feels like she pursued him and changed her mind mid way through. They both made ****ty choices. It would be worse if he was way older but the difference was 3 years? they both need to make better decisions.
  13. I love Leigh Anne and I think she’s well within her rights as a woman of color to say how she feels. Everyone on this thread who is saying she should leave it alone, if you’re white (like me) it’s not our place to tell her how to feel. In fact, it’s exactly the reason people are in the streets protesting. Shea a grown woman sharing her feelings on her peers bigoted behaviors. It may be in the past, and she may have learned and grown from it. It doesn’t however erase the deed.
  14. Imagine thinking any social media posting I doing something. We don’t need to spread awareness of what’s happening in the streets right now, we can see it burning from our window. What we do need to do is spread awareness of available resources and guide people on ways they can ACTUALLY help. Posting black squares is doing **** all to help anyone. I donated to BLM, hoping it’s more proactive than virtue signaling on Instagram.
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