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  1. Sometimes people have to go through it themselves to realize how hard and hurtful it can be. She’s done that and acknowledged it and apologized, like an adult. Let’s all be adults and allow it to be left in the past, Britney probably couldn’t give half a **** about it so neither should any of y’all. Mature and move on.
  2. Wonder if it being played as an ad between every YouTube video had anything to do with it. I honestly can’t stand it when they do that crap. A music video should not play in it’s entirety as an “ad”.
  3. Respect that I have a right to my atheist views Thoughts and prayers hun.
  4. I’m quite happy living in reality and find it very easy to ignore delusional religious fantasists but thanks for your concern!
  5. Depends if you're gonna use it to justify homophobia, mysogyny and spread hatred among any group the Bible doesn't agree with, like most "christians" do.
  6. My reply wasn’t solely aimed at you. I’ve never once looked at a palm tree however and thought that looks like a big black ****. It was a beach, I wouldn’t read too far into why a palm tree is on a beach lol. I didn’t really hear any outright racial stereotypes, did they actually even directly mention black men at all or just reference men in Africa? The snowflakes are just reaching and trying to find something to make it offensive when the bare bones of it is not an issue. Anyone who thinks it is, I wonder how they get by in daily life lol. When black people are being disproportionately murdered by cops, I hardly think Adele’s SNL skit that if anything pays compliments to the attractiveness of men in Africa is anything to worry about. Gawd take me back to the 90s before everyone turned into little *****es
  7. I didn’t hear anyone mention the size of black men’s ****s in the skit? ...or they just like black guys? It would be ignorant to deny that black men typically embody many things that are conventionally attractive in western society. I wouldn’t say it’s fetishizing them to say you’re attracted to them. It’s just another way to be butthurt over something that is clearly intended to be funny, but humor is lost on the terminally offended these days. Imagine being offended over a skit that actually infers that people are attractive lol. People will find ANYTHING to flip and be offended by!
  8. What upset you about the skit? Bare in mind a skit in and of itself is a joke. But still, I’d like to know? Should only black women be attracted to black men? I failed to see how they ‘fetishized’ anyone. Is it a fetish to be attracted to someone of a different race?
  9. I bet most of the “backlash” is from white people trying their hardest to be seen as the best sjw. Also, how tf is a palm tree remotely reminiscent of a ****? Keep reaching. If you aren’t attracted to POC you’re racist. If you are, you’re fetishizing. Lmao I wouldn’t even bother trying to keep these kind of people happy, they will always find something in anything to victimize themselves or be offended on someone else’s behalf.
  10. If that’s a slay, I have some alien figurines you may be interested in...
  11. Again, you’re conflating derogatory behaviors with the sole purpose of causing targeted hurt and offense with lyrics to a song that weren’t intended to hurt or offend anyone. Therein lies the difference between being a perpetually butthurt snowflake who is constantly offended over everything and anything and someone with a genuine reason to be offended. Directly insulting someone’s mother or calling a black person the N word is for the sole purpose of hurting that person. Was that Rihanna’s intent? Obviously not. Was she targeting Muslims with derogatory words? Obviously not. Calling a black person the N word is in no way comparable to some random religious words being included in a song played at a fashion show. Also, I fully understand religion, I just choose to not subscribe to fantasy and instead live in the real world. What negative impact did this fashion show have on your daily life/health/religious beliefs? Just curious.
  12. Did she disrespect it? Was she derisive and derogatory? Cos I didn’t see it. Again, comparing you purposely and directly disrespecting my mother isn’t really the same is it? You can’t lay claim to an entire religion and play it as if it’s a personal attack on you. For what it’s worth my mother passed away a few years ago, and people who don’t know have made “yo momma” jokes and the like, and I’ve laughed, because I’m smart enough to interpret the intent behind it. Apparently things like intent are lost on the terminally offended these days though. Rihanna played some music. If you’re genuinely deeply upset or offended and feel personally victimized by a fashion show playlist that had nothing to do with you, maybe you have some deeper issues to work through. It’s really not that deep, but maybe you’re the type that will actively look for a reason to feel offended. On that note, anyone know any good “yo mamma” jokes?
  13. Being gay is a biological fact of life and not a choice. Believing human kind is at the mercy of fictitious men in the sky is merely a delusion, and a choice. A delusion shared by many, but a delusion nonetheless. Religion has been at the root of most wars, hatred, cruelty and death since its inception. I don't think you could say the same about my partaking in ****** with fellow men. Some religions would have me thrown from a rooftop for doing so though...
  14. You're equating music/clothes in a fashion show with concentration camps, r*** and murder? choose your battles sis. This is the exact point I'm making, direct that energy to things that actually matter, not Rihanna's silly fashion shows.
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