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  1. The article makes me seriously angry. This is abuse of the human rights, period. Glad that it seems like it`s coming to an end
  2. I does, although it`s still like she`s singing underwater or sthg but good job nevertheless
  3. Leave her alone, we don`t want for them to think we`re harrasing her family
  4. I dont think arguments like that will get us anywhere, especially if we want the media to portray us as sane
  5. Even if so, the current state of things (the indefinite conservatorship, with such a big margin for manipulatio) is simply unacceptable, and makes it very valid for people to be concerned. If you want people to understand - you can't shy away from the truth.
  6. have you been around in 2007? Anyways, this time, yes, it seems to be staged.
  7. Seems like Lou is as batshit crazy as Lutfi. Why can't all the creeps just leave her alone? If she gets free, I just hope she learned her lesson and won't be manipulated that easily. We gotta pray for her folks
  8. Lutfi is trying to hop on the wagon i see. Please don`t get provoked people, We have to remain careful. We want Britney free but at the same time we don`t want the 2007 leeches back either
  9. Team Britney is really scared it seems. I guess that should be taken as a sign we`re on the right track. Just be patient and don`t get provoked.
  10. Millenium of freedom hopeully
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